The Limitless Flame

The Limitless Flame pp. 18-19

“…we see a glimpse of the inner life of Savitri, an incarnation of the Divine Mother. Though She is human in appearance, Her deeds well from a superhuman source and leave footprints of the incarnate Divine along whose tracks the future will walk.”

Nolini KG a crop ed

Pilgrim of the Supermind – Tributes to Nolini-da. Part 3 by Arabinda Basu

“Nolini Kanta is a name to reckon with in the history of man’s spiritual evolution. In spite of being an amazingly versatile talent bordering on genius, he was first and foremost a seeker of the spiritual life. Under the luminous and effective guidance of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother he blossomed into a yogi of high stature and all-round spiritual growth. “

Savitri Veda old 1m

Savitri Veda (Part 2)

Sri Aurobindo with the rare genius of a Master takes up the ancient story of Savitri from the Vedic period and raises it to a totally new dimension. Savitri becomes a bridge between the past and the future that embodies at once not only secrets of the past dawns of mankind but also gives birth to the yet unknown truths of the future.


Some Past Lives of the Mother (HH 197)

As we enter the week prior to the Mother’s birthday (Darshan Day of February 21), we take a look at some of the past lives of the Mother. These reminiscences also reveal certain deep truths about the memory of past lives and the work of the Divine upon Earth.

1912 12 02

December 02, 1912

“SO long as one element of the being, one movement of the thought is still subjected to outside influences, not solely under Thine, it cannot be said that the true Union is realised…”

Savitri Camps cover generic 1080

Savitri Study Camp 19-11 “The tortured Titan” pp 505-508

Even as the pristine pure Ganges flowing from its mountain tops is polluted as it enters the inhabited plains, so too the forces of higher Nature supported by divine Powers, daivi prakriti, are twisted as they enter into the narrow and limited scope of human nature. The distorting elements are the Ego and Desires.

28 Life-Unity


“I housed within my heart the life of things,
All hearts athrob in the world I felt as mine;
I shared the joy that in creation sings
And drank its sorrow like a poignant wine.”

The Enigma of Human Life

The Enigma of Human Life pp. 17-18

What is described in the passages that follow is the predicament of human life caught in some dubious game of cosmic powers that keep us tied to the outposts of Ignorance. Sri Aurobindo compares this ordinary human life to the life of those who, as Savitri, have risen to a greater Supernature and become conscious of their Divine Origin.

Savitri Veda old 1m

Savitri Veda (Part 1)

“The very fact that Savitri embodies the very highest rhythms of Truth, termed in Indian thought as the mantra, and is the manifestation of the Seer-Vision and Spiritual-occult vision and experiences of Sri Aurobindo, who had entered the deepest and highest realms of yogic realisations, makes Savitri a Veda in its own right. For what we mean by the Vedas is not just a set of four holy books, but a document of occult vision and spiritual experiences of seers who sought for the Truth behind appearances and had found it.”

09 Food and Sleep in Sadhana

Food and Sleep in Sadhana

The transformation to which we aspire is too vast and complex to come at one stroke; it must be allowed to come by stages. The physical change is the last of these stages […] Till then at least the body and its supporting energies have to be maintained in part by the ordinary means, food, sleep, etc. Food has to be taken in the right spirit, with the right consciousness…”


Pilgrim of the Supermind – Tributes to Nolini-da. Part 2 by Amal Kiran

“… none can serve as a third Guru in the domain of so rare a reach of Divine Consciousness. Neither did Nolini ever claim to be such. But nobody deserved as richly as he to be a potent helper on the way… He has also figured admirably as a guardian of the Ashram by his wide reputation for deep mystical experience and a many-sided wisdom.”