HH 167 Yoga and Idealism

“Recently the secret files of Neta ji Subhas Chandra Bose (1897-unknown) were released by the Govt of India. While they have never met, there was an indirect contact between Subash Chandra Bose and Sri Aurobindo, between a mental idealist and the Supramental Yogi. The subject of this talk explores this side of the idealist and patriot’s life.”

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Delight of Existence (HH 165)

“The Mother reveals that Delight is the real solution and not abandonment and an escape into nirvana. This week we go little deeper into this Delight, the Delight of Existence that is within and without, near and far, here and beyond, penetrating, pervading, enveloping all creatures and things.”

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A Power greater than that of Evil (HH 164)

We begin this year study with the Mother’s New Year Message of 1957, the first new year message given after the Supramental Manifestation of the 29th Feb 1956, which gives us the clue to the path we must take for the Divine Truth to establish within and around us.

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Savitri Study Camp 19-01 “Introduction”

This is a video recording of the first class of Savitri Study Camp No 19 with Alok Pandey. The introductory session is primarily an overview of the Book 7 Canto 2, which was a subject of the previous Study Camp. It brings into focus the need for yoga, its real purpose. Savitri is the Avatara, an incarnation of the Divine Mother who has descended into the darkness to transform it into a figure of divinity.


The Darkness hidden by darkness

in “Secret of the Vedas” Sri Aurobindo writes: We find this fundamental idea of the Vedic Rishis brought out in the Hymn of Creation (X.129) where the subconscient is thus described. “Darkness hidden by darkness in the beginning was this all, an ocean without mental consciousness . . . out of it the One was Read More



Explaining unfolding of the Divine in a progressive creation, the Mother and Sri Aurobindo wrote: In fact in the history of our universe there have been six consecutive periods which began by a creation, were prolonged by a force of preservation and ended by a disintegration, a destruction, a return to the Origin, which is Read More


The two Oceans

In “Secret of the Vedas”, Sri Aurobindo writes: The Veda speaks of two oceans, the upper and the lower waters. These are the ocean of the subconscient, dark and inexpressive, and the ocean of the superconscient, luminous and eternal expression but beyond the human mind. Vamadeva in the last hymn of the fourth Mandala speaks Read More


The first steps of creation and the Four Asuras

In Questions and Answers (1953), The Mother gives the following reply to the question about origin of Gods and steps of creation: There is a very old tradition which narrates this. I am going to tell you the story as one does to children, for in this way you will understand: One day “God” decided Read More