22 The Witness Spirit

The Witness Spirit

“This mute stupendous Energy that whirls
The stars and nebulae in its long train,
Like a huge Serpent through my being curls
With its diamond hood of joy and fangs of pain.”


7.1 An Integrated Approach to Healing (Part 2)

“The role of mind in health and illness is phenomenal. It can exaggerate or minimize the symptoms or even add new ones. Through thoughts full of anxiety and fear we can actually attract the illness or make the existing one worse. Again it is well known that depression depresses our immune system, predisposing us to various illnesses. Most often the mind colludes with the vital and its fears, giving a material shape to our anxieties.”

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Book One Canto I Summary

The very first Canto of the First Book has been aptly titled The Symbol Dawn. All new life begins with the advent of Light. The first touch of this Light that awakens us out of the state of Ignorance is the Dawn.

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Savitri Study Camp 19-03 pp 488-489

Our being is trapped as it were within a triple layer formed of the substance of corresponding worlds of Mind, Life and Matter. These keep the soul captive and do not allow easy access to the realm of the Soul. The seeker has to force his way through these to reach his soul.


Explorations in Savitri 064 pp. 182-184

“All forms are tokens of some veiled idea
Whose covert purpose lurks from mind’s pursuit,
Yet is a womb of sovereign consequence.
There every thought and feeling is an act,
And every act a symbol and a sign,
And every symbol hides a living power.”

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Savitri Study Camp 19-02 pp 485-487

There is a subconscious yoga going on in nature that has led to the progressive emergence of the soul from within the crypts of matter and the dark and fallen worlds. Slowly this subconscious yoga turns into a conscious one as man climbs to glimpses and starts climbing towards his own unrealized potentials.