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Chapter 1: What is Death Pt 1

For all our knowledge of life, death continues to remain a mystery. Just as we know something about the processes of life rather than about the life-principle itself, so also we know a little about the process of death. Phenomenon of death extends beyond the mere visible dissolution of physical forms, being applicable to forms of thought, of ideas, of philosophies, sciences, arts, of great civilisations…

1913 11 29

November 29, 1913

“How painful and miserable seems to me their life of ignorance and obscurity, their life of foolish agitation and profitless dissipation, when a single spark of Thy sublime light, a single drop of Thy divine love can transform this suffering into an ocean of joy!”

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The Witness Self and Mastery over Nature pp 32-34

No more tied to the surfaces of life, aware of the One Self that hides behind all names and forms, we discover the state of Peace and Joy that comes from this vast inner Freedom. A new and vast Knowledge begins to pour upon us from Above revealing all things a New Light.

The great holocaust red

“The Great Holocaust (Cchinnamasta)” – Nolini Kanta Gupta

“The new creation is already here, forming itself; whatever is happening now in the Ashram and outside is happening so that it may come forward all the sooner. She is breaking the outer scaffolding within which the new reality has been established […] It is Mother’s action with her own Self. She has taken her Chhinnamasta form. All the things she is destroying are her own selves…”

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November 28, 1913

“May this day which is about to begin bring to earth and to men a little more of pure light and true peace; may Thy manifestation be more complete and Thy sweet law better recognised; may something higher, nobler, truer be revealed to mankind…”