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Victory (HH 191)

Today is the 10th day of the Durga Festival….. As Sri Aurobindo points out in one of His remarkable passages, people adhere to a belief system and make it an excuse to do things that are even diametrically opposed to the original intent that gave birth to a movement. Yet the seed of truth is there…


Beyond Religions, Sects and Cults

The age of religions is over. When a great Master comes and releases certain teachings, they have to be expressed in a body of words, which we understand in a human way. Every great teaching has an eternal element, the Sanatan Satya, but to receive it we have to go beyond the customs and external things in which it is trapped…

09 Evolution [2]

Evolution [2]

A might no human will nor force can gain,
A knowledge seated in eternity,
A bliss beyond our struggle and our pain
Are the high pinnacles of our destiny …


The Mother’s Conversation on Savitri, read by Nolini-da

On the 18th January 1960; when a young sadhak met the Mother for a personal interview, She said to him: “I shall give you something special; be prepared.” The next day, She ….. started speaking about Sri Aurobindo`s great epic Savitri and continued to speak at length.


2.2 The Human Body: A Mystery’s Workshop

We are so used to seeing the body so much as organs, tissues, cells and their functions that we fail to observe any consciousness inherent in it. Is the body something unconscious, a machine driven by mechanical energy? It may appear so at first, but a deeper probe reveals that a consciousness stands behind the seemingly unconscious machine.

08 The Call of the Impossible

The Call of the Impossible

1934; revised subsequently. Four handwritten manuscripts and one typed manuscript. This poem began as a variant of “The Silver Call”: the first lines of the two poems were once identical — “There is a godhead in unrealised things” — and the first rhyming words remain the same even in the final versions.


The heavenly bard and divine messenger Narad, pp 413-416 (SH 214)

Meanwhile, in the Seer-King Aswapati’s palace, Narad, the demigod, choses to descend! As always he brings with him a strange mix of good news and a bad news. But in fact the attribution of good and bad is our doing, or rather the mind’s way of looking at things. Narad simply brings down to man the word of Fate.

2016 Tuesday Talks Video Cover USE

Conversion of the Asura and the Adverse forces (HH 189)

Like all beings, the Asura too has his destiny. It is to be either annihilated or else undergo conversion and transformation. But they can do this only through a human body because of the presence of the psychic being. Man has a role to play in this conflict between the Devas and the Asuras. His soul is the battlefield where the powers of Light and Darkness meet and wrestle. He has to make a choice, a decisive choice so to say. It is man who lends the power to the action of the Adversary and it is man who can make them flee.