Savitri in Hindi Cover 1920 1080

The Divine Becomes Human pp 469-471 (SH 240)

Savitri outwardly remains calm and sweet and forbearing in her dealings with her little world around, but inwardly she suffers with the foreknowledge of death. She experiences now the entire range of human life and identifies with it.

1914 02 08 cover

February 08, 1914

“… every morning my aspiration rises ardently towards Thee and I implore that my being, integrally awakened to the knowledge of Thee, may live only by Thee, in Thee and for Thee…”

53 Moments


“The peace of God, a mighty transience,
Is now my spirit’s boundless atmosphere.
All parts are gathered into a timeless whole;
All moments blaze in an eternal year.”

what is a mantra 1a

What is a Mantra (video)

A short introduction to what is a Mantra, filmed in Auroville, India, in 2012. Gopika offers a reflection on the significance of Vedic Mantra. Nadaka & Gopika sing the Gayatri mantra, an ancient hymn to the Sun.

2016 Tuesday Talks Video Cover USE

Vision of the One and the Needed Patience (HH 211)

Yoga has been defined in various ways and each definition corresponds to some state that one arrives at by means of yoga. One such wonderful state described by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is ‘Oneness’. It is even one of the fundamental states to be experienced, a basis on which all else can be built. The essence of this condition is to see the Divine in all things and everywhere.

Weekly Readings 38

The Divine Downpour pp 38-39

Once the opening is created to the action of the Divine Shakti, there starts, in the fields of Nature, the downpour of Divine Peace and Light and Harmony and Beauty and Bliss. Thus, we discover the divine vibration or rhythmic Immortal Word that saves, and the seers become its recipients and upholders as well as instruments of its creative expression and manifestation.

The Mother - film cover

Meeting The Mother – Peter, Auroville (video)

Another installment of a documentary series on VIMEO, this one – featuring Peter Matthias Anderschitz, an architect from Berlin who has been in Auroville since 1971, sharing his experiences with the Mother. Directed by Fred Cebron.