The Ashram the World and Individual m

“The Ashram, the World and the Individual” – Nolini Kanta Gupta

“…the pressure from above has come to change things and for that purpose all the dark points, all that has to be changed and rejected, have been exposed. They have been exposed everywhere — in the Ashram and also outside the Ashram, in the country in general — the same defects and weaknesses, the same wrong movements.”

43 Surrender


“O Thou of whom I am the instrument,
O secret Spirit and Nature housed in me…”

1913 08 02 cover

August 02, 1913

“See, how small is the importance of external circumstances. Why strain and stiffen in the effort to realise thy conception of the Truth? Be more supple, more confident[…] To torment oneself about doing good brings about as bad results as bad will. It is in the calm of deep waters that lies the sole possibility of True Service.”



A video clip with Nadaka and Gopika, performing a song about Krishna and the gardens of Vrindavan.

Savitri 30 expansion of consciousness cover

Expansion of Consciousness pp 30-31

What is being described now is a result of the expansion and growth of consciousness that is taking place in the seer-king Aswapati during the course of his yoga. His ascension is marked by new discoveries.

inner fire of immortellle

“The Ashram: Inner and Outer” – Nolini Kanta Gupta

“… this ashram that I saw was in fact the inner reality of our ashram here, the inner ashram which is within us all; what we see at present is the outer form, the material form, which is a good deal deformed and even falsified in many ways. … Now our task is to come more and more in contact with that reality even in our waking moments, to be conscious of that which is nothing but the Mother’s Presence. “