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Asceticism and Spirituality

The one rule of the gnostic life would be the self-expression of the Spirit, the will of the Divine Being; that will, that self-expression could manifest through extreme simplicity or through extreme complexity and opulence or in their natural balance, — for beauty and plenitude, a hidden sweetness and laughter in things, a sunshine and gladness of life are also powers and expressions of the Spirit.

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Slave of God (a talk in Hindi TH 034)

Sri Aurobindo’s message to Champaklal brings us a deep truth: ‘The divine gives himself to those who give themselves to the Divine; for them, the infinite seas of bliss, of knowledge, of peace, of oneness of Ananda.’

17 Talking and Vital Interchange

Talking and Vital Interchange

If one tries to deal with the outer world without the poise of peace and silence, is he not likely to be entangled by the vital forces?

Yes, but in retirement from the outside things also vital forces can get hold of you.

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The Adventure of Consciousness, pp. 621-622 (SH 306)

Creation is an adventure of Consciousness. Savitri now reveals the truths that Death cannot see since it is hidden from his sight. She reveals to Death the great becoming starting from matter and reaching man through the plant and beast. It seeks to go beyond Man.

A Pilgrimage AM 1080

Chapter 3. Friendship with Ramaswami Iyengar (Va Ra)

At that time naturally I did not realise what was the new and precious thing which Sri Aurobindo’s active presence was shaping in me. Not that even now I have the full knowledge of it. It was, however, Sri Aurobindo’s dynamic presence that accounted for the indescribable joy experienced by me.

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Receptivity to the Mother’s Force (HH 263)

The Integral Yoga depends for its fulfilment upon the workings of the Mother’s Force aided by the sadhaka’s openness, receptivity, aspiration, faith, sincerity, quietude and surrender. Today we take up one of these requirements, which is termed as receptivity.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

Cults of the Vital worlds, pp. 185-186

These are some of the characteristics of the vital world: expansion, taste of the extremes, seeking for power and joy. The larger vital, the greater life grows through these things towards its great goal.

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4.3 Three Stages of Seeking Through Devotion of the Mind

… the one thing essential is the intense devotion of the thought in the mind to the object of adoration. […] As in the other Yogas, so in this, one comes to see the Divine everywhere and in all and to pour out the realisation of the Divine in all one’s inner activities and outward actions.