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Mohini, The World-Enchantress (HH 253)

What is this mysterious power we call Nature that enchants the soul? What is her relation with the Supreme? We share some insights on this in the backdrop of a relatively lesser known Indian myth of Mohini, the World-enchantress.

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The Limitations of the Material View of Things, p. 167

When we look at humanity in the light of a scientific understanding while we still labour in Ignorance, we are bound to get disillusioned. It is a life without purpose, a meaningless existence that has somehow evolved out of the worm while playing with the mud of earth.

Sri Aurobindo His Life Unique fin

Sri Aurobindo at Pondicherry 2

We reproduce below some of the secret documents of the British Government which provide more amusing fiction and fabrication than facts about Sri Aurobindo’s activities and whereabouts.

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A Material Illusionism, pp. 166-167

Creation, viewed strictly from a material standpoint, appears in the last analysis as itself a strange illusion conjured by the senses and mind. Thus Sri Aurobindo reveals to us the limitations of the present purely materialistic point of view of the self and world.

TH 018 Freedom and Rules in the Yoga 1080

Freedom and Rules in the Yoga (a talk in Hindi TH 018)

It seems outwardly that in integral yoga there is minimum amount of rules, but in fact the rules are very subtle and demand far more vigilance, as they are an inner necessity rather than outer imposition. Also, the outer rules may not be the same for each individual as each one’s nature and stage different.

TE 212 Parenting in the New Age (SAS BO)

Parenting in the New Age

Why does one get married? Or, why should one bring a child into this world? Reflecting upon such fundamental questions in a sincere and objective manner helps an adult become more conscious of his or her choices when it comes to entering the householder stage of life.

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The Double Renunciation (HH 103)

We are called upon to make a double renunciation, – a material renunciation and a spiritual renunciation, that is to say our attachment not only to the material but also to the spiritual way of life as we conventionally understand it.