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2.29 What is this Play of Forces?

Like all great transitions, it is a period of great upheaval, confusion and apparent disorder. The struggle of forces is becoming more and more acute. This brings to the surface deeply hidden resistances, new and old diseases, social and psychological pathologies, but also new forms of creativity and ways of life, new possibilities.

37. About Pranam

About Pranam

Could I have an interview with the Mother? I want to discuss [my difficulties] and get at least a verbal solution.

This method of asking questions and getting solutions in an interview is one of which the Mother does not approve. She finds it useless….


1.2 The Oneness of Everything

… when one is born into the spirit, it becomes something much more concrete, much more living, much more real, much more tangible than the whole material world. And this is what makes the essential difference between beings.

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Beyond Being and Non-Being, pp. 547-549 (SH 276)

Savitri ascends further in her journey. She goes beyond the Manifest and the Unmanifest, beyond Existence, beyond Being and Non-being towards the sheer Absolute. These are of course very profound spiritual realisations that cannot be grasped by the human mind.

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1.13 Passing beyond the Scripture

For the sadhaka of the integral Yoga it is necessary to remember that no written Shastra, however great its authority or however large its spirit, can be more than a partial expression of the eternal Knowledge. He will use, but never bind himself even by the greatest Scripture.

Meditations - Anilbaran (new)


Love is the great force which surely leads us to the Divine, and it grows by constant and sincere self-giving. In self-giving we give up not the self but our selfishness, and that is an indispensable condition of happiness and self-realisation.