10 Mechanical Mind

Mechanical Mind

Why does my mind chew and re-chew what I hear from others?

It is a movement in every mind; you probably did not notice it before when the mind was not accustomed to silence. For everybody whatever takes hold of the mind tends to be ruminated like that.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

The Ladder of Possibilities, pp. 176-177

Life is in perpetual motion. There is within it the Witness Spirit whose power drives and pushes it towards greater and greater heights. The kingdom of little life is but a step that evolves further into the kingdom of Greater Life.

Auroville a new field of experience 2a

Aster Patel: Auroville, a New Field of Experience

Auroville is a collective experiment. Among all the experiments going on in the world, this experiment of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is possibly the most difficult because it aims at a collective realisation, with far-reaching goals.

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The True Object of Life

FOREWORD These passages extracted from Sri Aurobindo’s works are intended to serve as significant pointers to the inestimable value of his views for a true understanding of the important issues in the life and thought of the individual and the society. It is hoped that they will awaken the interest of the intelligent reader and Read More

Reflectrions on Self Mastery

Reflections on Self-Mastery

This talk dwells upon some of the fundamental issues in the practice of self-mystery. It is an overview of the subject reflecting upon the need and process of self-mastery.

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The Evolution of Religion (HH 259)

As man evolves, the society evolves, science and technology evolve, even religion and man’s contact with beings of the higher worlds evolve. What is the future of Religion which is becoming almost a dying spent up force, is this death a new beginning, the sign of a new birth?

The Essence of Worship 1080

The Essence of Worship (in Hindi)

Worship is often taken as a ritual but there is a deeper sense within it, and if rightly done it becomes a means to enter into the consciousness of the worshipped. But more important than worship is to embody the qualities that are represented in these great luminous beings.

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3.6 Renunciation and Enjoyment

“… we may even say that a complete external renunciation is a stage through which the soul must pass at some period of its progress,—though always it should be without those self-willed violences and fierce self-torturings which are an offence to the Divine seated within us.”

Sri Aurobindo His Life Unique fin

Sri Aurobindo at Pondicherry 7

We reproduce below long passages from the Reminiscences of Nolini Kanta, as they are extremely valuable, being the only authentic record available about how the Mother lived and worked and moved about in the good old days and what the inmates of Sri Aurobindo’s house and others who were connected with them learnt from the Mother’s presence and example

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

Might of the Secret Spirit, pp. 175-176

Sri Aurobindo once again brings us back to the central truth that this world is a progressive manifestation of the Spirit. It is the Divine who is expressing Himself through the symbol forms of the universe.

TMV08 Ilness and Death 1080

8.2 Illness Comes from Outside

What is to be wondered at is the unconsciousness with which men go through life; they don’t know how to live, there’s not one in a million who knows how to live, and they live like that somehow or other, limping along …

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Spiritual Life (a talk in Hindi TH 024)

Behind many accepted social or religious truths of human life we can see a spiritual truth. When these truths are followed without proper knowledge or out of fear, they hardly help in the growth of a person, because growth comes with the growth of the state of consciousness.