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Publisher’s Note and Introduction

Rishabhchand, the author of this book, has to his credit a number of other books, all of them shot through and through with the Light and Presence of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. They stand out impressively against the background of innate humility and graceful flow of his style and language.

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The Problem of Equanimity and Action (HH 234)

Among the various paradoxes offered to the spiritual seeker one such is whether to accept things as they are or else to strive towards change. As we rise into a deeper and wider consciousness, these apparently opposite tendencies begin to resolve and reconcile. Today we read the Mother’s words to guide us through this journey.

LP24 The Island Sun

The Island Sun

The Light was still around me
When I came back to earth
Bringing the Immortal’s knowledge
Into man’s cave of birth. 

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The Meeting Ground, pp. 105-106

Now we see another interesting aspect of the subtle physical matter. It is a resting ground before the divine energies and thought forms enter into our material sheath. The subtle matter is plastic and responsive to the Spirit’s intimations.

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“Revitalising India for the New Millennium” – Prof. Mangesh V. Nadkarni

The United States is a superpower only in the external world since its wealth hides a spiritual poverty and a growing psychological and social unrest. No mere technological superpower can properly guide our world; it also needs the guidance of a spiritual superpower. India has the potential to be this spiritual superpower, but it will require great effort on its part to realise this potential.

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1.4 All Life is Yoga

No synthesis of Yoga can be satisfying which does not, in its aim, reunite God and Nature in a liberated and perfected human life […].
The true and full object and utility of Yoga can only be accomplished when […] we can once more, looking out both on the path and the achievement, say in a more perfect and luminous sense: “All life is Yoga.”

28. Progress


What can I do under the present clouded circumstances?

Get rid of the “what can I do” mentality. That is the one thing to do under any circumstances. If you shake off your sense of helplessness and call down the force or let it pass, then something can be done.