30. Aspiration and Prayer

Aspiration and Prayer

It is again our ego which makes us think that on the higher spiritual planes there would be no need of aspiration. Even our sweet Mother prays day and night — we can feel it distinctly when she plays on the organ!

Yes — All that is very true. It is a prayer or invocation that Mother makes in the music.

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1.6 Rajayoga

By the practice of truth, by renunciation of all forms of egoistic seeking, by abstention from injury to others, by purity, by constant meditation and inclination to the divine Purusha who is the true lord of the mental kingdom, a pure, glad, clear state of mind and heart is established.

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Behind the Surfaces of Life and Thought, pp. 540-541 (SH 272)

As Savitri looks within, She also becomes aware of the various types of thoughts and feelings and impulses that hide behind the neat façade of life. She enters a whole field of the unseen and the unheard, a new seeing and hearing, an awakening of the subtle senses in the hidden domains of existence.

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Parentage, Birth and Early Childhood

Sri Aurobindo was the third son of his father. Aurobindo means lotus. It was an uncommon name in those days, and that was why his father chose it for his third son, little suspecting that, in occult language, aurobindo signifies the Divine Consciousness.

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Destiny and Determinism – The Inner Side of a Story (HH 235)

Sometimes real-life events and stories reveal to us the complex interplay of the various determinisms that weave the play of fate, and we can learn so much by looking deep into that story. One such story has been of the miraculous escape of the Thai footballers stuck in a ‘death-cave’.

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Vest of the Spirit, pp. 106-107

Our gross material world, as also the subtle worlds, are clothes worn by the Spirit who remains hidden within it as in the oyster shell a pearl of great price. Sri Aurobindo now describes this subtle dress worn by the Spirit before it assumes this thick and heavy and obscure cloak we know as our physical body.

Meditations by Anilbaran

Secret of Work

Work is of value to us as a part of our sadhana only when it serves to bring us closer to Thee, Mother; otherwise, it is an obstacle, a waste of time and energy… As long as we are attached to our work …. it keeps us bound to the lower life, and obscures the Divine from our view.