66. The Inmost Silence

The Inmost Silence

On what a mute ocean do we float! Each day I find the water calmer than before.

It is true that peace and silence can always become deeper and wider and more intense.

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The Dreams of Life, p. 159

Life is here to build divinity through transient perishable things. It is this that she dreams and her dream slowly unfolds as evolution in earthly life. Earth dreams in man, and through man aspires for higher things.

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Sraddha or Faith (a talk in Hindi TH 014)

In this yoga one needs faith that the Divine exists and will reveal Himself in response to our sincere aspiration by His own Grace. Once this fundamental faith is there, a thousand failures cannot stop him achieving the goal.

Can we change our destiny M

Can We Change Our Destiny?

We have to go beyond the over-simplistic notion of good and bad fortune and look at the deeper causes that work from behind. It is in these depths and heights that we can discover the secret levers that can change our fate.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

Emergence of the Animal-Man, pp. 158-159

Slowly out of the plant life emerges the life of the beast and then the animal-man closer to the animal kind. Thus man emerges out of the beast, a strange mixture of the brute and the yet to emerge developed humanity.


6.2 Progress and the Psychic Being

Of course one cannot say that every man has got a psychic being, just as one cannot refuse to grant it to every animal. Many animals that have lived near man have some beginnings of it, while so often one comes across people who do not seem to be anything else than brutes.

Sri Aurobindo His Life Unique fin

Sri Aurobindo in Bengal, Part 20

“An unerring insight into the eternal core of Hinduism, the part it played in the evolution of Indian culture, and its mission in the creation of the future in which the East and the West shall meet to build a new world of unity and harmony, shines out in all his utterances of this period.”

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Explorations in Savitri 114, pp. 286-290

Deep peace was there, but not the nameless Force:
Our sweet and mighty Mother was not there
Who gathers to her bosom her children’s lives,
Her clasp that takes the world into her arms
In the fathomless rapture of the Infinite…