5.5 The Mental

There is one thing certain about the mind and its workings; it is that you can understand only what you already know in your own inner self. What strikes you in a book is what you have already experienced deep within you.

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Worship and the Integral Yoga (HH 245)

The Mother clearly cautioned against forming any new religion or perpetuating the old. But one needs to differentiate between Religion in its essence, religious rituals and religiosity. In this talk we share some letters of Sri Aurobindo and words of the Mother as to what really constitutes religion and old forms or religious practices.

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Mother, We read again Your ‘Notes on the Way’ (3)

You undertook transformation of the physical and this in the interest of an integral transformation of life, of raising general human living to the high supramental level. You have also in Your ‘Notes’ revealed the details and intricacies of the working of transformation. In the April issue of 1967, You have explained three approaches to the problem of transformation.

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Sri Aurobindo in Bengal, Part 12

Sri Aurobindo was a Yogi-politician, he not only foresaw the future, but had to work in the present in order to prepare the future. The Yogi knows that in a divinely directed course failures carry the seed of success, and even a huge destruction, if it is inevitable in the inscrutable dispensation of Providence, prepares the world for a great new creation.

Meditations - Anilbaran (new)

Praise and Blame

When we feel disturbed by the opinions of others, to that extent our surrender is incomplete, and our dependence on the divine will imperfect. Those who have completely dedicated themselves will seek only the satisfaction of the Divine Mother, and disregard what the whole world may have to say of them.

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Emergence of Early Mind, pp. 146-147

We find here a most remarkable description of the early birth of mind in the animal kind. This description is not only consistent with the deeper spiritual truths but also with the current biological understanding of the evolution of life upon earth.

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Advent of the Divine Mother (7/9)

This talk is based on the passage in Savitri pp. 345–346 (B3C4), describing Aswapati’s final invocation and the Divine Mother’s sanction of the boon of Her coming.