Meditations by Anilbaran

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It is not sufficient that in our inmost being we have an aspiration for the divine life; the superficial, the outermost parts also must aspire after perfection.

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The Secret of Evolution, pp. 98-99

Evolution is neither a freak nor a chance accident that has somehow occurred within the boundaries of Space and Time. In truth, from the deepest spiritual standpoint, as revealed by Sri Aurobindo, it is a progressive manifestation of the One Infinite. Out of nothing only nothing could emerge.

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2.7-2.8 Role of the Diet; Vitamins and Cholesterol

Perhaps the best advice is to eat in moderation, without greed, at regular times, a tastefully balanced diet with all the essential nutrients prepared hygienically and above all, to offer it to God and receive it as prasada. This would be the best diet.

20. The Tamasic and Rajasic Ego

The Tamasic and Rajasic Ego

Since you saw wrong things entering me, why did you not warn me about them?

Here again is the rajasic ego in you, dictating to us what we should have done and showing us our mistakes.

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The Yoga of Physical Transformation

In 1958 Her Yoga of physical transformation began in its most material sense, that is, her working on the cells of the body, their purification, their liberation not only from the suggestions of the physical mind, but also from what the Mother termed the body-mind.

19. The Ego

The Ego

Is it not really difficult to offer oneself to the Divine when he seems to give no return?

It is the only way to a real self-giving — otherwise the ego always remains in spite of experiences and progress.

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The life of a tree,
The life in a clod,
To the Life of all life
That men call God.

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The Ladder of Consciousness, p. 98

The involution of the One (who is also Infinite) is through successive stages and degrees until there is a complete self-forgetfulness.
We see a comprehensive description of the ladder of consciousness that is one of the secret keys to understanding evolution. This shall be described in detail subsequently.

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2.5-2.6 Role of Environment and State of Mind in the Healing Process

In any case, whether we live or die, it is pitiable to be all the time worried about the body, to live in a constant state of fear and anxiety. Even if one were to live a little longer one wonders what would be the quality and utility of such a life. It is best to keep an inner quietude, call peace into the system and to take it as an opportunity to work inwardly i.e. within oneself.