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The Indefatigable Power, pp. 180-181

The force of life refuses to give up even in the face of stiff resistance by matter. This is the great epic of Life moving and filling each form with the will to grow and create and evolve towards a yet unseen end.

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Religion and Spirituality (a talk in Hindi TH 027)

Spiritual life is a life dedicated towards God realization or the seeking after Truth and Peace and Bliss. Religious life is however not so much of a seeking but living according to some belief systems. Sometimes religious life can be a preparation for the spiritual but very often it stops our progress by keeping us tied to certain fixed and limited formulas.

Sri Aurobindo His Life Unique fin

Sri Aurobindo at Pondicherry 10

In 1919 Barin wrote to Sri Aurobindo asking him about his personal sadhana, the future of the country and the nature of the movement to be carried on for its freedom and resurgence. Sri Aurobindo’s reply was a long one covering practically all aspects of national life and indicating his own line of spiritual work for humanity.

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3.9 Knowing and Seeing God in the World

… in all he [Yogin] sees God, sees the supreme reality, and his motive of work is to help mankind towards the knowledge of God and the possession of the supreme reality. He sees God through the data of science, God through the conclusions of philosophy, God through the forms of Beauty and the forms of Good, God in all the activities of life

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8.5 Make a Beautiful Thing of Death

… when one has found one’s psychic being — immediately, you understand — one has the sense of immortality. And one knows that what goes out or what comes in is just a matter of convenience: “I am not going to weep over a pair of shoes I put aside when it is full of holes! When my pair of shoes is worn out I cast it aside, and I do not weep.”

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

Life is Everywhere, pp. 179-180

Life is everywhere, expressed or unexpressed. It creates different means for its manifestation. We see here the immortal nature of Life and its power to create everywhere. It builds the forms by its breath imparting force to things inert. It arouses forces from their sleep and urges them to endure and to create.


The Suprarational Ultimate of Life

The ultimates of life are spiritual and only in the full light of the liberated self and spirit can it achieve them. That full light is not intellect or reason, but a knowledge by inner unity and identity which is the native self-light of the fully developed spiritual consciousness ….

12 Study and Sadhana

Study and Sadhana

Does not the Yoga mean to keep the mind quiet and turn it always to the Divine?

Do you mean to say that in order to have quietness of the mind one must do nothing? Then neither the Mother nor I nor anyone else here has a quiet mind. Doing nothing with the mind is not quietude or silence.

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The Yoga of the World (HH 104)

We follow the trail of the Mother’s Yoga of the body where Her Body has become the symbolic representation of all bodies and Her Descent into Earth the Supreme’s sacrifice into Matter for its redemption. Step by step the Mother reveals the secret passage out of man to superhumanity that has been worked out in Her and through Her for all of us who can open with aspiration, trust and surrender.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

The Law of Vital Worlds, pp. 178-179

Each world is governed by its own inherent and intrinsic law. Its beings and creatures as well as those who act under its influence come under this law and experience things accordingly.

TMV08 Ilness and Death 1080

8.4 Causes of Illness

Sweet Mother, if someone falls seriously ill, is this a purely physical phenomenon or is it a difficulty in his spiritual life?

That depends on the person! If it is someone who is doing yoga, it is quite obviously a difficulty in his spiritual life. If it is somebody who is not at all engaged in yoga […] it is an ordinary accident … The outer phenomena may be similar, but the inner causes are absolutely different. No two illnesses are alike