31. Mental Push in Aspiration

Mental Push in Aspiration

Will you not teach me how to aspire properly so that there may be no mental push in it?

A quiet prayer or remembrance of the object of aspiration without a pull for results is the way for doing that. If along with that, there is a faith that it is sure to come, it is the best for this condition.

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Earth and the Higher Worlds, pp. 108-109

The higher Worlds are concealed within matter as states of Consciousness. They are the secret cause of our striving towards perfection and the sudden efflorescence of marvels upon earthly life. To bring the Divine Perfection out in symbols of names and forms is the labour of love undertaken by earth.

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The Mind-machine, pp. 541-542 (SH 273)

Savitri observes how the mind works incessantly, churning thoughts constantly. She sees that though man’s ego claims everything and believes itself the doer, it is very clearly Nature that does everything. Yet there is something of his own, and it is his soul’s consent.

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1.7 Jnanayoga

The Path of Knowledge aims at the realisation of the unique and supreme Self. … as ordinarily followed, (it) leads to the rejection of the phenomenal worlds from the consciousness as an illusion and the final immergence without return of the individual soul in the Supreme.

Sri Aurobindo His Life Unique fin

Sri Aurobindo in England

When Sri Aurobindo was eleven years old, he had a sort of premonition that great revolutions were going to take place in the future and that he had a part to play in some of them. Not a mental idea, but a kind of inner feeling was growing within him that he had some great work to do, a mission to fulfil.

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On Miracles 1 (HH 236)

The taste and need for miracles is there in human nature. In its essence it is a need for the exceptional and the marvelous. In its deepest sense it is a need for the Divine in life to assist our human journey.

LP25 Despair on the Staircase

Despair on the Staircase

An animal creature wonderfully human,
A charm and miracle of fur-footed Brahman,
Whether she is spirit, woman or a cat,
Is now the problem I am wondering at.

Meditations - Anilbaran (new)

The Mechanism of Lower Nature

Let me no more act from attachment or desire or blind instinct, but respond only to impulses coming directly from Thee… I cannot escape from the bonds of this terrible mechanism unless Thou, in Thy Grace, lift me and take up my whole life into Thy divine being and consciousness.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

The Last Step of Involution, pp. 107-108

Evolution has an antecedent which is described as involution. It is the plunge of the One Infinite Consciousness along with all Its Powers and degrees into the darkness of Inconscience. Then starts the reversal which we call as evolution.