GH 03

Sri Aurobindo in England

In this talk we touch upon the birth and early days of Sri Aurobindo in England, his becoming conscious of the revolutions that are coming and his own role in it.

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The Wounded, Healing Earth

To put it paradoxically, when we do not listen to the Will of the Infinite consciously, gladly, then we are compelled to do it unwillingly, unwittingly by the action of countless infinitesimal forces around us. It is not a punishment but simply a course correction, a remedial measure for the earth’s sickness towards which we Read More

GH 02

Lessons from the Prison

This talk takes an inspiring leaf from Sri Aurobindo’s tales of prison life. It is relevant especially in times as these when the world is experiencing turmoil, lockdown, uncertainty and fear.

TMV14 day-to-day life

14.3 No Two Things Are Identical

It is said that there are people who are very intelligent, and others who are foolish. Why ?

Why? But, my child, there are all kinds of things in Nature! No two things are identical.

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

Resetting and Realigning Our Lives

We must reconnect ourselves, reconnect not only with our own soul but also with the soul of Nature and the soul in all things. In this direction too we are being led by the secret Wisdom of Nature that has come garbed in the form of adversity.

GH 01 ff

Glimpses of Their Life before 1914

This talk is in the wake of the Mother’s first arrival to Pondicherry. We touch upon a little glimpse of Her life before coming here and then go on to a glimpse of Sri Aurobindo’s life before coming to Pondicherry as revealed in the book ‘Sri Aurobindo in Baroda’.

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Be Like a Flower

Given at the inaugural session of a flower exhibition in Savitri Bhavan, Auroville, this talk touches upon symbolism and spiritual significance of flowers as revealed by the Mother.