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Many Sides of the Moon (HH 266)

The Moon occupied an important place in folk lore, myths, art, poetry, mystic literature much before Science began its expeditions. On the 50th anniversary of the first man on the Moon we take up this subject touching upon some of its aspects, especially in view of man’s cosmic travels to the Moon and beyond.

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An Interview by Dr H. Maheshwari

An interview by Dr H. Maheshwari (1921-2002), known at the Sri Aurobindo ashram as Maheshwar, the name given to him by the Mother. He was a versatile scholar of Indian Philosophy and of the teaching of Sri Aurobindo, but most importantly – a seeker, devotee and disciple of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

TMV10 free will

10.2 The Journey of the Supreme

So long as you are not one with the supreme Consciousness, you necessarily have the impression or the feeling or idea that you are subject to the law of a higher Will, but the moment you are identified with this Will you are perfectly free.

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A Deeper Yearning, pp.196-197

Not for long can the energy of life remain in this locked realm. She is bound to seek something beyond. She is destined to go further in her quest for the Ultimate, the ever-lasting, the limitless since she is secretly driven by the breath of the Eternal.

22 Illness – The Force and Medicines

Illness – The Force and Medicines

Illness is a wrong movement of the body and is no more to be cherished than a wrong movement of the mind or vital. Pain and illness have to be borne with calm, detachment and equanimity, but not to be cherished — the sooner one gets rid of them the better.

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14. Intellectual and Spiritual Utility of Art

Spirituality is a wider thing than formal religion and it is in the service of spirituality that Art reaches its highest self-expression. Spirituality is a single word expressive of three lines of human aspiration towards divine knowledge, divine love and joy, divine strength

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Chapter 9. The Year 1914

As I was reading, Sri Aurobindo came, stood in front of the table and kept listening to my reading. When I put down the copy of the Arya and lifted my head I saw Sri Aurobindo standing there. I told him that the reading was delightful but nothing could be grasped.