34. Sri Aurobindo on Himself

Sri Aurobindo on Himself

What do you express through your poetry?

I am expressing spiritual truth or spiritual experience. It ought to be possible to read with the inner consciousness looking on and, as it were, seeing the act of reading. In the condition of absolute inner silence I was making speeches and conducting a newspaper, but all that got itself done without any thought entering my mind or the silence being in the least disturbed or diminished.

WRS 62n

The Master of Existence Dwells Within Us pp. 66-67

Until the transformation takes place, human life will remain imperfect, beset with riddles, struggling on its road in the fields of Death. But with God and His transforming Touch, all can become beautiful and wonderful, as life should be, is meant to be, and must one day become. Thus we see the essential unity of the Lord and His Shakti as well as of the Creator and His Creation. This is the fundamental basis of transformation. Since the Divine has become this creation, therefore this creation must also become divine.

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Chapter 8 The Many Faces of Death, Pt 2

Death is nothing but life fallen from its purpose of constant progression towards the divine. When man refuses to live for and by the separative ego and begins to live for the divine, then the reign of death will end. And that hour will surely come.

33. The Mother and Flowers

The Mother and Flowers

What is the meaning behind the Mother’s giving us flowers — I mean, what does she try to do to us?

Simply to put the power indicated upon you if you are willing to receive it. It is a progress suggested and offered.

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March 30, 1917

How humiliating to ask something for oneself from Life or from the Supreme Consciousness which animates it! […] For all is within our reach, only the egoistic limits of our being prevent us from enjoying the whole universe as completely and concretely as we possess our own body and its immediate surroundings.

74 The Inner Fields

The Inner Fields

There we can walk and see the gods go by
And sip from Hebe’s cup nectar enough
To make for us heavenly limbs and deathless face.