41 The Dual Being

The Dual Being

There are two beings in my single self.
A Godhead watches Nature from behind
At play in front with a brilliant surface elf,
A time-born creature with a human mind.

Savitri in Hindi Cover 1920 1080

The Two Paths pp 451-453 (SH 232)

Man seeks for Freedom and Knowledge and Bliss and Power since he is intuitively aware of his divine Origin. However he can take one of the two paths towards this Goal of divine self-fulfillment. One is the path of the gods, a gradual and patient unfolding of the godlike nature in him through aspiration, faith and surrender. The other is the path of the Titans, impatient and stormy, driven by self-will and ego.

Memoirs of Sri Aurobindo 3 Sudhir Sarkar cover

Mémoires of Sri Aurobindo by Sudhir Kumar Sarkar (Part 3)

“Then Sri Aurobindo stopped speaking altogether […] His face resembled that of a child’s, without any lines of thought or anxiety, a tender face perpetually filled with a happy smile. His eyes were full of profound peace and tranquillity. His body exuded a fragrance like that of a baby’s tender body.”

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Outer and Inner Methods (HH 204)

When we turn towards Yoga, we sometimes look for a concrete external method, an activity or an outer practice or technique so to say. But the real events of yoga, the practice and the results take place largely in our inner subjective psychological space. We look at this aspect of yoga in the Mother’s Light.

A review of our Ashram Life

A Review of Our Ashram Life – a talk by Nolini Kanta Gupta

“Consciousness […] has to come down and break the hard block of inert matter, striking and scattering and throwing up, as it were, its myriad disparate bits, turning them into particles of Light and Consciousness. These free sparks at the outset become erratic, errant conscious units, free but fighting against each other […] but that is the way towards a purer, higher, wider, integrating consciousness. We are thus in a transition period; it is an interregnum, beset with great difficulties, but they are also great opportunities.”

Contact with Kingdom of the Gods

Contact with the Kingdom of the Gods pp 27-28

“The Seer-king Aswapati now ascends to the higher planes. He leaves the limits and boundaries of terrestrial nature, and enters the domain of the Gods, who preside over creation and its various aspects and functioning as powers of the One.”