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Explorations in Savitri 152, pp. 363-365

Their lives replied to hers, moved at her words:
They felt a godhead and obeyed a call,
Answered to her lead and did her work in the world;
Their lives, their natures moved compelled by hers

41 Human Defects and Knowledge

Human Defects and Knowledge

In order to bring down the higher knowledge, has one not to give up all one’s mental desires and satisfactions?

Yes, the human mind’s activities very often come much in the way.

TMV13 occultism

13.1 The Capacity for Occultism

… one thing is absolutely essential, absolutely: you must not touch this occult science if you have the least fear in you. For instance, if in your dreams you meet terrible things and get frightened, you should not practise occultism.

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The Inconceivable Purpose, p. 223

It is indeed inconceivable as to the why and wherefore of Evil and darkness and error with our limited human intelligence absorbed in the outward and the immediate. Yet the Wisdom that works in the heart of Night is real and serves a purpose in the grand scheme of things.

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The Seeming Opposites, pp. 635-637 (SH 315)

Death creates a seemingly unbridgeable gulf between Spirit and Matter thereby thwarting the dream of a divine life upon Earth. Savitri responds to his lie by once showing the unity of creation with the Creator.

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Ascetic, Yogi, Rishi and the New Possibility (TH 055)

The transformation of nature and divinization of life was not intended in classical yogas. But new aspiration for earthly transformation has been planted upon earth and those who are open to it are progressing towards this new possibility that goes beyond all the various spiritual types that the earth has witnessed up till now.

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Explorations in Savitri 151, pp. 362-363

‘A friend and yet too great wholly to know,
She walked in their front towards a greater light,
Their leader and queen over their hearts and souls,
One close to their bosoms, yet divine and far.’


The Present Question

A new, a difficult and uncertain beginning might have to be made in the midst of the chaos and ruin after perhaps an extermination on a large scale, and a more successful creation could be predicted only if a way was found to develop a better humanity or perhaps a greater, a superhuman race.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

The Birth of Evil, pp. 222-223

Evil was born out of the womb of Night. It wore a form and shape and strove to conquer the world with its shadow.

2019 12 World Transformation in Savitri

World Transformation in Savitri

Sri Aurobindo spoke of transformation and the collective yoga. This talk takes up this subject of how we can participate in the process of world transformation in the light of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

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Explorations in Savitri 150, pp. 360-362

The splendour of her native royalty,
Her greatness and her sweetness and her bliss,
Her might to possess and her vast power to love:
Earth made a stepping-stone to conquer heaven