Meditations by Anilbaran

Secret of Work

Work is of value to us as a part of our sadhana only when it serves to bring us closer to Thee, Mother; otherwise, it is an obstacle, a waste of time and energy… As long as we are attached to our work …. it keeps us bound to the lower life, and obscures the Divine from our view.

29. Sadhaks


If a sadhak commits a mistake in his sadhana why do others bother about it? They are not here to enlighten him.

It is certainly superfluous to intervene in another person’s sadhana — but you should receive all remarks and criticisms about yourself with a quiet mind and without any reaction against the critic.

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1.5 Hathayoga

The chief processes of Hathayoga are asana and prayama. By its numerous asanas or fixed postures it first cures the body of that restlessness which is a sign of its inability to contain without working them off in action and movement the vital forces poured into it from the universal Life-Ocean, gives to it an extraordinary health, force and suppleness …

Sri Aurobindo His Life Unique fin

Publisher’s Note and Introduction

Rishabhchand, the author of this book, has to his credit a number of other books, all of them shot through and through with the Light and Presence of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. They stand out impressively against the background of innate humility and graceful flow of his style and language.

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The Problem of Equanimity and Action (HH 234)

Among the various paradoxes offered to the spiritual seeker one such is whether to accept things as they are or else to strive towards change. As we rise into a deeper and wider consciousness, these apparently opposite tendencies begin to resolve and reconcile. Today we read the Mother’s words to guide us through this journey.

LP24 The Island Sun

The Island Sun

The Light was still around me
When I came back to earth
Bringing the Immortal’s knowledge
Into man’s cave of birth. 

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The Meeting Ground, pp. 105-106

Now we see another interesting aspect of the subtle physical matter. It is a resting ground before the divine energies and thought forms enter into our material sheath. The subtle matter is plastic and responsive to the Spirit’s intimations.