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Explorations in Savitri 136, pp. 337-339

An immutable Power has made this mutable world;
A self-fulfilling transcendence treads man’s road;
The driver of the soul upon its path,
It knows its steps, its way is inevitable,
And how shall the end be vain when God is guide?

TMV11 religihon

11.5 Spiritual Life and Morality

Sweet Mother, hasn’t morality helped us to increase our consciousness?

That depends on people. […] It is very difficult for a virtuous man to enter the path of God; this has been said very often, but it is altogether true, for he is self- satisfied, he thinks he has realised what he ought to have realised…

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The Human Mask of God, pp. 633-634 (SH 314)

Humanity is a mask of God. Identified with the mask we remain subject to Death and grief. But the moment we turn from the mask towards the Light and truth, then we start getting liberated. This is the great work that Savitri has come to reveal by Her own example.

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Explorations in Savitri 135, pp. 335-337

“A riddle of opposites is made his field:
Freedom he asks but needs to live in bonds,
He has need of darkness to perceive some light
And need of grief to feel a little bliss;
He has need of death to find a greater life.”


The Modern Philistine

“It is his [the sensational man] coming which has been the precipitative agent for the reshaping of the modern world. If a Lenin, a Mussolini, a Hitler have achieved their rapid and almost stupefying success, it was because this driving force, this quick responsive acting mass was there to carry them to victory…”

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

The Exile of Truth, pp. 207-208

It was a world of treachery where even truth-speaking was used as a strategy by falsehood to further its own empire. It is when these dark worlds of falsehood and untruth influence human beings and take them in its strong grip that life here too becomes a hell.

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Ilion 8: The War (TH 046) – a talk in Hindi

Here the book ends, alas incomplete. The poem is unfinished, (some pages are lost), even then, Ilion is a wonderful gift to mankind by Sri Aurobindo. However, the speaker has connected the lost chords and told us the story till the end.