Meditations by Anilbaran


By a living, ceaseless aspiration we should always look up to the infinite glory of the divine life to which we are destined, and through the Grace of the Mother nothing will be able to resist our onward march.

52. On Avatarhood

On Avatarhood

When the Divine descends here as an incarnation, how then does he still continue to rule over the universe?

Do you imagine that the Divine is at any time not everywhere in the universe or beyond it? or that he is living at one point in space and governing the rest from it, as Mussolini governs the Italian Empire from Rome?

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On Accidents (HH 223)

Accidents are a major source of suffering which one feels were quite avoidable. While one has to tackle this at different levels and find ways and means to reduce accidents, there is always something that we can do from our side to diminish its possibility and also the after-effects. This is the subject of today’s reading.


Trance of Waiting

Earth is now girdled with trance and Heaven is put round her for vesture.
Wings that are brilliant with fate sleep at Eternity’s gate.
Time waits, vacant, the Lightning that kindles, the Word that transfigures;
Space is a stillness of God building his earthly abode.

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Towards the New and the Unknown p. 80

A new journey now begins for Aswapati. He aspires to go further where none has dared to visit while still in the flesh. He glimpsed the Splendours in the House of the Spirit from afar, but now he wants to come in direct contact with the sun itself and not through the rays.

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This is the first of a series of short essays by Anilbaran Roy, originally published in 1939 as a part of the book “Songs from the Soul”, which we’ll be sharing in the nearest few months.

51. Supermind and Sachchidananda

Supermind and Sachchidananda

Will not the Supermind be one of the powers commanded by man for realising the Divine upon earth?

…You mean manifesting, I suppose. Anyone can realise the Divine — in the sense of being conscious of the Divine. Man is a mental being in a body — how can he have command of the Supermind which is far above mind? Even Overmind is far above him.

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1.8 What Causes Cure?

If a child is taught that illness is a challenge that we must defeat and can defeat with the help of Grace and not a thing to be dreaded or pampered, then it makes it much easier when we grow up. Given time and encouragement and some material support most illnesses will and do heal.