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Mystery of the Five Elements, pp. 155-156

Matter is composed of certain invisible forces that come together to weave forms. These are the five subtle elements that work together within every form. Sri Aurobindo now reveals to us the sequence and the process.


6.1 What Is the Psychic Being? (part 1)

In the ordinary life there’s not one person in a million who has a conscious contact with his psychic being, even momentarily. The psychic being may work from within, but so invisibly and unconsciously for the outer being that it is as though it did not exist. And in most cases, the immense majority, almost the totality of cases, it’s as though it were asleep, not at all active, in a kind of torpor.

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Sri Aurobindo in Bengal, Part 18

“Aurobindo Ghose was now out of prison, and Nivedita … found him completely transformed. His piercing eyes seemed to devour the tight-drawn skin-and-bones of his face. He possessed an irresistible power, derived from a spiritual revelation that had come to him in prison. […] Since his imprisonment at Alipore, Aurobindo Ghose was no longer a fighter but a Yogi.”

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2.14 Equality

… we shall have the same equality of mind and soul towards all happenings, painful or pleasurable, defeat and success, honour and disgrace, good repute and ill-repute, good fortune and evil fortune. For in all happenings we shall see the will of the Master of all works and results

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

The Sleep of Creation, pp. 154-155

Sri Aurobindo now takes us to the very origin of creation when it is still asleep under the drowse of the Inconscience. This is the state of the material world before the great adventure of life begins.

63. Realisation of the Self

Realisation of the Self

A time comes when one reaches a consciousness which is full of sheer silence, peace, bliss and freedom.

It is the goal for most Yogas, but for us it is the beginning and basis. For it is the state of spiritual liberation which was all they wanted.

On Brahmacharya 1

On Brahmacharya

… it is a long process and one needs patience and perseverance. It takes time, sometimes a really long time, and one has to keep applying the will with faith and surrender. Eventually the breakthrough comes and instead of being a slave of nature one becomes its master.