TH 008

The Balance Between Personal Effort and Surrender (a talk in Hindi TH 008)

Personal effort and surrender are often seen as contradictory processes of sadhana, but they are complementary processes and go together. Various levels of balance and the need for exercising choices. Personal effort in itself is not the end but the way for joy, harmony and growth of surrender. A true surrender and the path of offering. How becoming wide and supple paves the way for growth into the immensity of the Divine Consciousness.

TH 007

The Middle Path and the Sattwic Way (a talk in Hindi TH 007)

The story of Buddha and its inner meaning and significance. Distinction between true renunciation, vairagya impelled by a positive seeking, and a temporary state of disillusionment which is essentially a negative state without much force in it. The need for balance and moderation on the path of yoga. Tamas, rajas and sattwa, and necessity of first bringing the tamoguna and rajoguna under the control of Sattwa to achieve the mastery of nature.

TH 006

Working Upon the Lower Nature (a talk in Hindi TH 006)

The certainty of the Goal and the need for faith in Integral Yoga. The journey of this yoga through scenes and circumstances of inner and outer life, and its goal of bringing down and manifesting the Divine in the conditions of material life. Four fundamental steps in the process,— shuddhi, mukti, shakti and siddhi, and the triple labour of aspiration, rejection and surrender in achieving them.

TH 005

Preparing for the Purification of Nature (a talk in Hindi TH 005)

Incapacity of our present nature to bear the presence of Divine Light and Force; the need for and the process of purification. The process of liberating the intellect from the grip of the senses and awakening the true discriminating intellect within oneself; the need for intellectual honesty. Detecting the wrong movements from the right ones, removing the falsity from the core of truth, and the growth of sincerity.

TH 004

Personal Effort and the Divine Love (a talk in Hindi TH 004)

The workings and limitations of the lower nature which has to be slowly transformed into the higher Perfection; why transformation is a slow process, with a number of practical examples. Distinction between a forceful breaking of the present mould of nature and transforming it; the need for balance and avoidance of extremes. The Divine Love that transforms lower nature, and our personal efforts necessary to prepare and open ourselves to this Supreme Love.

TH 003

The Lesson of Troy (a talk in Hindi TH 003)

The journey of human soul; the Trojan war and the soul’s battle. The need for awareness, vigilance, courage and trust in inner and outer life, especially yogic life. An inward shift and need to avoid criticism of others but rather to look at oneself.

TH 002

All Life is Yoga (a talk in Hindi TH 002)

The nature of initiation into the Integral Yoga and its significance; a glimpse of the yogic life through a number of examples drawn from the life in the Ashram. The integral nature of this yoga, taking the whole of life as a field for application, including our outer material existence and the objects we handle.