The wedding of the eternal Lord and Spouse, pp 410-411 (SH 212)

The coming together of Man and Woman is simply a symbol, a distorted reflection in our human Ignorance, of the coming together of two seeming opposites, Purusha and Prakriti, Soul and Matter, Heaven and Earth. This profound inner truth of our inmost heights is being revealed to us through the marriage of Savitri and Satyavan…

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Deva and Asura (HH 188)

Evolution is not magic but a real-time event that takes place through steps and processes. Each stage carries its own hazards and challenges, brings its own set of opportunities; opens doors to the highest and the abyss. At any given point of time we may either turn towards the heights or else look towards the abyss. To turn towards the heights is to move towards the godlike nature. To turn towards the abysses is to increase the Asuric propensities in us. The road to Supermanhood passes through an increasing embodiment of the godlike nature…


1.3 The Human Body – a Spiritual View

From the Yogic point of view each part of the body is symbolic of a higher movement that is reflected here in a more or less distorted manner. Yet there is a subtle correspondence between the two. Now the effort of evolution translates itself in physical terms to create a perfect body that is truly representative of the higher states of consciousness, a body moved entirely by the higher forces and energies rather than by their lower and lesser counterparts as of now.


The Silver Call

The Silver Call. Written on or before 25 April 1934 (when Sri Aurobindo quoted five lines in a letter to Dilip Kumar Roy); revised 1944. Five handwritten manuscripts and one typed manuscript; the first handwritten manuscript was written shortly after those of the two preceding sonnets. The original poem went through several versions, eventually becoming two, “The Silver Call” and “The Call of the Impossible”.


The Moment of Acceptance pp 408-409 (SH 211)

Satyavan has spoken his deepest heart out to Savitri. Savitri has seen and heard and felt with her inmost heart that the one whom she has searched for is here, embodied in the being of Satyavan. She accepts and, coming down from her chariot, reveals her choice through words and symbol gestures.


The Mother’s Child Ganesh, Religion and the Integral Yoga (HH 187)

Ganesh Chaturthi, or the birth of the first among the gods Ganesh, is celebrated all over India with great pomp in the month of September. At one time, this festival was used to unite India in its war against the British. Ganesh is a living and conscious godhead who has a close and loving association with the Divine Mother. Today we take a look at some of the incidents in the Mother’s life connected with god Ganesh, and through these also try to go deeper into the transformation of the religious impulse within man.


1.2 Methods of Enquiry and Research

It is a truth of Yogic psychology that it is possible to withhold or even dissolve the ego-formation and suspend or do away with the senses and reach out directly to the object and know it by identification. In a certain sense, we all experience it in some measure or the other. An intense rush of feelings in a person can create a wave that reaches us and makes us directly aware of it without the usual mediums necessary. But these are rare moments and confined to specific states. The possibility, however exists…


The Seeking Spirit of Satyavan pp 406-408 (SH 210)

Satyavan is no ordinary mortal. In Savitri he is the symbol of the human soul trapped in a double ignorance. On the one side he is ignorant of the world he inhabits while on the other side he is ignorant of his secret Self. When with great labour and struggle he finds the one, he tends to lose the other…



What opposites are here! A trivial life Specks the huge dream of Death called Matter; intense In its struggle of weakness towards omnipotence, A thinking mind starts from the unthinking strifeIn the order of the electric elements. Immortal life breathed in that monstrous death, A mystery of Knowledge wore as sheath Matter’s mute nescience. Its Read More


Sri Aurobindo as a Teacher in Baroda (HH 186)

At the outset I must admit the enormity of the subject to which none can do full justice, especially in a short time. The purpose however is not so much as to give an exhaustive account but a little glimpse into the life of Sri Aurobindo as a teacher at the Baroda and later Bengal National College. Sri Aurobindo, apart from his administrative duties, was also a professor of French and English at Baroda College.


1.1 Health – The Spiritual Perspective

Introduction The recognition of a spiritual dimension of health by the World Health Organization (WHO) has indeed been a landmark event.  It is doubtful, however, that the full import and significance of this fundamental aspect of human existence has been grasped even by well-intentioned persons.  The reason is very simple.  The spiritual dimension is still Read More

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Two Talks of Prof Jagdish Vyas

Prof Jagdish Vyas (1932-2009) is a well known figure in the Integral Yoga community. He has left behind a large legacy, having contributed to the community in multiple ways, including founding and shaping a major center of Integral Yoga in USA (SAYFNA), authoring or editing multiple books and magazines related to Sri Aurobindo and The Read More


Man the Thinking Animal

Man the Thinking Animal. Circa 1934. Five handwritten manuscripts and one typed manuscript, the earliest contemporaneous with close-to-final drafts of “Transformation” and “The Other Earths”.



The Vedas are a living body of Knowledge. The body is a living Veda. Veda is the living body of knowledge that inspired the seers of Truth who saw in this world, hidden behind appearances, a secret All-knowing Wisdom, an occult Almighty Power at work. It is living in the sense that unlike a man-made Read More