Pranab-da (Dada): The Mother’s Shadow (HH 192)

Today is birthday of Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya, who is affectionately known as Dada (elder brother in Bengali). A yogi of rare caliber he was indeed among the chosen one, called by the Divine Mother when the time drew near to start the work on the body and prepare it for the physical transformation….


Savitri arrives at her father’s palace, pp 417-418 (SH 216)

Even as Narada, the demi-god is received at Aswapati’s palace, as he sings to them the glories of Heaven-love brooding in the depths of pain, Savitri arrives to her father’s home. There she is met with the seer-gaze of the yogi-King, who discovers in his daughter a marvelous change by the touch of love.


Lallubhai Patel – A Video Message from 2004

… With a book in his lap and his back towards me, he opened both his hands upwards and started chanting Mantras. They were The Mother’s Prayers in French: ‘Seigneur! Toi a Toi …’, complete prayers. And all the time both his hands were sending waves of his aspiration upwards…


On Supramental Body – A Talk by Amal Kiran (1971)

The offered talk on Supramental Body gives a rare glimpse at Amal-da’s interpretation of this profound future development, which was predicted and described by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, but is very difficult to grasp. The talk was recorded in 1971, and we are not aware of any printed transcript.

Savitri Class by Prof Mangesh Nadkarni, March 2000 (video)

Savitri Class by M V Nadkarni, March 2000 (video)

This talk was the concluding session of the Savitri Study Camp held in the Beach Office Hall of the Sri Aurobindo Society from February 23 onwards. The final session of the camp was held under the trees in the Savitri Bhavan garden – a very joyous meeting of many Savitri lovers. VIDEO + TRANSCRIPT

10 Man the Mediator

Man the Mediator

“Rooted in mire heavenward man’s nature grows, —
His soul the dim bud of God’s flaming rose.”


The song of Narad, pp 416-418 (SH 215)

Narada, the demigod and a bhakta of the Lord, is ever engaged in the good of all creatures. His work, if he has any since he lives in freedom, is to sing the names of the Lord. As he draws near to Earth, he feels the touch of pain that inhabits mortal things.


3.1 A Consciousness-based Approach

The healer has a threefold task…. to understand the truth and level of inner dislocation from the outer illness, ….. to induce faith and assist in opening the patient through the rickety and narrow wicket gate of illness to the higher and deeper forces of health and healing, and …. most importantly, he cannot accomplish the first two tasks unless he himself is open and progressing towards deeper and higher zones of consciousness.

2016 Tuesday Talks Video Cover USE

Victory (HH 191)

Today is the 10th day of the Durga Festival….. As Sri Aurobindo points out in one of His remarkable passages, people adhere to a belief system and make it an excuse to do things that are even diametrically opposed to the original intent that gave birth to a movement. Yet the seed of truth is there…


Beyond Religions, Sects and Cults

The age of religions is over. When a great Master comes and releases certain teachings, they have to be expressed in a body of words, which we understand in a human way. Every great teaching has an eternal element, the Sanatan Satya, but to receive it we have to go beyond the customs and external things in which it is trapped…

09 Evolution [2]

Evolution [2]

A might no human will nor force can gain,
A knowledge seated in eternity,
A bliss beyond our struggle and our pain
Are the high pinnacles of our destiny …