74 The Inner Fields

The Inner Fields

There we can walk and see the gods go by
And sip from Hebe’s cup nectar enough
To make for us heavenly limbs and deathless face.

Purusha and Prakriti

The Play of Purusha and Prakriti, Soul and Nature (4) pp 65-66

The game being played between Soul and Nature starts with the utter self-forgetfulness and slavery of the Soul to Nature but ends in Mastery through discovery of our true and highest Self. All the experiences that Nature arranges for the soul, – things terrible and beautiful and dangerous and divine, – are really a schooling and a training for the Soul to grow and recover its lost divinity.

Advent of the Saviour Light

Advent of the Saviour Light

Even as we step into the New Year, it will be good to remember that this Light that we take for granted, this Light that comes to us sweeping through the gates of Night and touches our body and heart and mind and soul, has been prepared by those who kept a vigil while we slept peacefully in our comfort zones. Even as we welcome it, let us also raise a hymn of gratitude.

31. The Mother and Her Working

The Mother and Her Working

Is it always necessary for us to understand what the Mother’s Force is doing in us for the progress of our Yoga?

Plenty of people progress rapidly without understanding what the Force is doing — they simply observe and describe and say “I leave all to the Mother”. Eventually knowledge and understanding come.

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Chapter 8 The Many Faces of Death, Pt 1.

These are the various attitudes that man has adopted towards death. Or the different psychological and philosophical positions that death has instilled in our life. Let us see these different positions one by one so that we may know all the masks that this great shadow wears to hide itself.

1915 03 03 cover

March 3, 1915: On board the Kaga Maru

But immediately the aspiration rises, still more ardent, “Spare this being all weakness; suffer it to be the docile and clear-eyed instrument of Thy work, whatever that work may be.”

29. Pure Existence and the Atman Realisation

Pure Existence and the Atman Realisation

Since the day before yesterday there is a feeling of a strong Force existing not only within me but around me up to a foot’s distance. The form of the force is very dense.

That is good — it must be the beginning of being conscious beyond the body.