The Ways of the Spirit [1]

What points ascending Nature to her goal?
’Tis not man’s lame transcribing intellect
With its carved figures rigid and erect
But the far subtle vision of his soul…”


A Talk on the Service Tree by Dyuman (1988)

Our recent post Dyuman “The Luminous” – Karma yogi contained a talk by Alok Pandey and an essay by Krishna Chakravarti. Continuing this theme, today we are offering an audio recording and a transcript of conversation with students, which Dyuman had on 2 February 1988, talking about history and significance of the Service Tree.

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“Invitation to Savitri” Pt 04: How to Read Savitri

“The 20th century has been a century when … anything sublime necessarily sounds bombastic. ….. for Sri Aurobindo to write an epic remains to many people something of a mystery. Now you can write a haiku, you can write little poems… where do people have time for 720 pages of poetry?”


3.3 The Unresolved Riddle Called Life

“…There are worlds and forces, energies and substance beyond our material world. There are modes of perception and knowing that are more direct and essential than that of sense observation and deductive analysis. In fact our mind fails to perceive and register a whole range of phenomena that can greatly enhance our understanding. Faith and suggestion work both ways …”

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“Invitation to Savitri” Pt 03: Changes to the Original Legend

“The legend of Savitri and Satyavan can be traced back to the Mahabharata, where the sage Markandeya narrates the story of Savitri to Yudhishthira. Sri Aurobindo has taken up this legend almost in its entirety without adding any upakhyanas, any sub-plots or stories to it, but he has made some significant alterations…”


Human Love

“Of all the powers that have gone into creation, the most powerful admittedly is Love. Without Love, creation could not be, without Love creation could not be pulled out of its darkness. But what really is Love, this most powerful lever that moves all things? It is the Mystery of mysteries, the Great Secret…”


Weekly Readings in Savitri – an Invitation to a Journey

“… [Savitri], a revelation coming from the very highest summits of consciousness and embodying the sublimest and subtlest Wisdom and Power, is best received as a gift of Grace. It cannot be the subject of mental analysis and speculation, for the Truth it embodies comes from far above the mind. Hence we do not intend to offer any ‘explanations’ or ‘analytical understanding’ of Savitri through these pages.”


3.2 The Microcosm Called Man

The superconscient evolution is indeed the future of humanity. The pressure of the superconscient is beginning to reshape our material life. The superconscient force has entered into the subconscient life, throwing up its mud and mire as a necessary and inevitable cleansing process. The result may be an initial confusion, a loss of old systems…the breaking of the past, the youth unrest, the women empowerment movement, globalization, the cry for individuality and freedom, breaking of fixed norms… are some of the effects of the pressure of the emerging superconscient in us.