Explorations in Savitri 070 pp 196-198

“Our being must move eternally through Time;
Death helps us not, vain is the hope to cease;
A secret Will compels us to endure.
Our life’s repose is in the Infinite;
It cannot end, its end is Life supreme.”


The Ever-Living Presence (09) The Work Before us: Are we Ready?

“Nothing can replace that touch-divine and the thrill of contact in the very physical. However, the yoga in itself does not depend upon that. Krishna’s departure from Vrindavan released the streams of devotion in the human consciousness. Perhaps Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s physical withdrawal may well light up the fire of aspiration in the very dust that constitutes our physical body.”

Invitation 720 a

“Invitation to Savitri” Pt 11: Book 2 Cantos 2-15

“… there are the subtle physical worlds, vital worlds, worlds of Darkness, mental worlds, and there are Overmental worlds. All these Aswapati explores… but does not find the power that is needed to solve the problem that confronts mankind. For that he has to go to the Supreme Divine Mother, the Transcendental Force.”

The Alchemist Energy of Love wf

The Alchemist Energy of Love pp. 14-16

Of all the powers that Savitri embodies the most potent is Love. What follows is a vivid description of Her inner being which could harbor this all-powerful transmuting flame. It inspires and uplifts, sets a supreme and sublime example before humanity, opens our inner doors to the Divine Mother’s wonderful Heart of Love, filling us with Her Peace and Light and Sweetness and Bliss.

Friendship and Affection

Friendship and Affection (Ways of Love)

“In any case human affection whatever its value has its place, because through it the psychic being gets the emotional experiences it needs until it is ready to prefer the true to the apparent, the perfect to the imperfect, the divine to the human.” Sri Aurobindo

The Soul of India

The Soul of India (video)

“…India is a grand old laboratory, chosen by the Divine for a certain kind of evolutionary experiment. As it is evolving and going through many layers, on one level it is a very unpredictable country, and at another level it is a very stable country, containing all the desiderata of the past, making it an amazingly complex, many-sided, fascinating Motherland, Mother, Goddess.”


7.3 Of Systems and Beyond Systems

“…modern medicine reflects a certain self-view of man and as an extension his worldview. In contrast, most traditional methods reflect another kind of self-view and worldview. This divide is clearly seen in the road map of development of the two modes of approaching the human problems of illness, suffering, death and pain.”


Explorations in Savitri 069 pp 193-196

“… nothing is truly vain the One has made:
In our defeated hearts God’s strength survives
And victory’s star still lights our desperate road;
Our death is made a passage to new worlds.”

invitation thumb

“Invitation to Savitri” Pt 10: Book 2 Canto 1

“You are now hugging a surface individuality, a borrowed individuality as your own. When you discard this and take your stand on the locus of your own inner being and then progress, then you participate in this becoming. Then, says Sri Aurobindo, this person will be established here, he will be a unique manifestation of the Divine.”

WR cover 2a

The Strength of Stillness pp. 13-14

This is the first brief hint provided by the Master-poet Sri Aurobindo about Savitri’s tapasya that armed and prepared her for taking on the challenge of Destiny and facing the spirit of Death with a will to conquer.