Explorations in Savitri 055 pp 166-167

“On our road from Matter to eternal Self,
To the Light that made the worlds, the Cause of things,
Well might interpret our mind’s limited view
Existence as an accident in Time,
Illusion or phenomenon or freak…..”


The Mother’s Withdrawal – a Talk by M P Pandit

“… on the morning of 17th November at about nine o’clock, a particular friend of mine — he has certain grounding in occult experience, occult knowledge, and normally when we meet, we exchange notes — told me, “I have seen The Mother’s body of light.” I got interested. He said, “The new body is full of light but it is not yet dense enough to function in the earth conditions….. ” And he added, “Those who are capable of seeing the Mother’s halo, aura, they will be able to see that luminous body.”


The Ever-Living Presence (01) The Touch Divine upon Earthly Life

“If there is one joy that earthly beings can experience which is coveted even by the gods, it is the joy of feeling the touch of the embodied Incarnate Divine. This unparalleled joy is given to earth and humanity as a saving Grace….. This special Grace is given to Earth since unlike other gods and goddesses, she alone has chosen to submit herself to the great evolutionary adventure.”


Explorations in Savitri 054 pp 163-165

“As long as the human animal is lord
And a dense nether nature screens the soul,
As long as intellect’s outward-gazing sight
Serves earthy interest and creature joys,
An incurable littleness pursues his days.”


4.1 Health – A Dynamic Equilibrium

… ‘All is a dance and a rhythm of the universal shakti that manifests the worlds and absorbs them again’. Where is the rhythm in the human body? And if so, what is its nature? Let us turn to the body itself for an answer.


The Ways of the Spirit [2]

“… An algebra of signs, a scheme of sense,
A symbol language without depth or wings,
A power to handle deftly outward things
Are our scant earnings of intelligence.”


Explorations in Savitri 052 pp 160-161

“Inscrutable work the cosmic agencies.
Only the fringe of a wide surge we see;
Our instruments have not that greater light,
Our will tunes not with the eternal Will,
Our heart’s sight is too blind and passionate.”

invitation thumb

“Invitation to Savitri” Pt 05 Book 1 Canto 1

‘Vain is the sage’s light’ — avatars have come and gone, but basically the human nature hasn’t changed….. We worship the sons of god after we have buried them. We raise great temples, we raise big statues – finished, they are all gone, we have made statues of them”


3.4 The Mind of Matter

“… power of knowledge, once acquired, …illumines … not just the thinker but the seer beyond the thinker. Finally, it passes into that sheer shadow-less truth where each particle is held in harmony with all on the breast of oneness like the billion rays of light are held in the sun. That is the origin of our individual and cosmic existence.”


The Ways of the Spirit [1]

What points ascending Nature to her goal?
’Tis not man’s lame transcribing intellect
With its carved figures rigid and erect
But the far subtle vision of his soul…”