4.2 Illness – An Inner Disequilibrium (Part 2)

“We recover and prevent every possible illness when we awaken and put our troubled nature in contact with the soul….. Disease is an anomaly and therefore our focus should be on getting back this state of health once again….. Consciousness is precisely the key that helps us understand the barriers that obscure and veil the natural state of health in us.”


The Ever-Living Presence (02) Beyond Birth and Death

The Avatara leads, humanity follows; the Avatara builds the bridge, humanity walks over it. When the intended work is done, the Avatara withdraws behind so that humanity may prepare itself for the great walk. He does not die but simply withdraws just a step behind the curtain of material life. Blind are they who believe that the Avatara is no more. Even great Masters are not subject to Death.


Dyuman Recollects (audio)

A short (11 min) conversation from 1989, where Dyuman bhai recites a Prayer from The Mother’s Prayers and Meditations, and recollects some events from his life in the Ashram.

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“Invitation to Savitri” Pt 06: Book 1 Canto 2

“You become completely defenceless, all your strengths, all your support is taken away from you. Why is that done? … Only when all these props are taken away, when you are reduced to what you really are in the external life, a big zero, that’s the time when the ego automatically drops down, and you kneel down and surrender yourself unconditionally to the Lord…”


Explorations in Savitri 056 pp 168-169

“The world is other than we now think and see,
Our lives a deeper mystery than we have dreamed;
Our minds are starters in the race to God,
Our souls deputed selves of the Supreme.
Across the cosmic field through narrow lanes….
And garbed in beggar’s robes there walks the One.”


4.2 Illness – An Inner Disequilibrium (Part 1)

“The source of the malady is within us, in the many contradicting and conflicting wills, in each element that chooses to cut itself off from its divine origin and so suffers diminution, disease and death. …. Our body is like a battlefield of many conflicting elements. In this physical body alone, we find all the planes, forces, movements and energies of Nature trying to manifest themselves. The body is the seat of the difficulty. And the body will be the last crown of victory.”


Science and Unknowable

“Man’s science builds abstractions cold and bare
And carves to formulas the living whole;
It is a brain and hand without a soul,
A piercing eye behind our outward stare…..”


Explorations in Savitri 055 pp 166-167

“On our road from Matter to eternal Self,
To the Light that made the worlds, the Cause of things,
Well might interpret our mind’s limited view
Existence as an accident in Time,
Illusion or phenomenon or freak…..”