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Opening Remarks

B1 C1 Opening Remarks Dawn, as the Master-poet suggests, is a symbol. Ordinarily, that is to say, materially, physically, it is the herald of a new day. However it is also a symbol of Hope, the advent of Light and Illumination, at once physical and psychological, as well as spiritual. It reveals to the downcast Read More


The Ever-Living Presence (03) The Two Goals

Questions such as did They complete Their Work etc are absurd in the first place. To begin with, we as a human race did not even know that there is such a Work undertaken by the Divine; that creation has a grand purpose and is on the road to its fulfilment. We became aware only because They shared it with us and they shared it so that we can consciously collaborate and have the joy of participating.

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Book One Summary

Book One, as the name itself suggests is the Book of Beginnings. It sets the note and the backdrop of the epic. The Beginning referred to here is the beginning of King Aswapati’s Yoga, his central aspiration to save Earth and humanity from its strange predicament of a never-ending cycle of rise and fall.


Sri Aurobindo in Savitri – a Talk by Georges van Vrekhem

“… we are turned towards that light, and we read Savitri with veneration and devotion, and it gives us a great deal. So we have some work to do, a whole programme to work out, and we all share in the promise of which this Book of Promise is full. And we know what to do for the rest of our lives. Happy travels!”


5. Illness, a Habit

“Life is the first mystery encountered by us, death is the last. We know something about the events in between and also a little about the processes of life and death….. It is unlikely that a purely physical approach will make us any wiser. Its utility too is doubtful since to conquer death without changing our inner life, prone to suffering and diseases of various kinds, would mean only a prolongation of our present ills.”


Explorations in Savitri 058 pp 170-172

“Calling the powers of a bright hemisphere,
We shall shed the discredit of our mortal state,
Make the abysm a road for Heaven’s descent,
Acquaint our depths with the supernal Ray
And cleave the darkness with the mystic Fire.”

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“Invitation to Savitri” Pt 07: Book 1 Canto 3

” the primary thing in your life is to realise the soul that you are, not read about it. Reading spiritual literature doesn’t help; direct realisation is what helps. Realise that you are the soul, bring it to the front and lead your entire life under its guidance. That basically is what spirituality is all about.”