Satyavan opening his heart to Savitri pp 400-402 (SH 207)

Satyavan and Savitri are face to face with each other but a deeper heart has already been touched. Their soul has stepped out and seems to have recognized each other. Satyavan starts first and even as he speaks the first few words there is already a sense if intimacy and care that is being expressed.

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The Yoga of a Nation Called India

The Paradox called India It would be a tragic irony of fate if India were to throw away her spiritual heritage at the very moment when in the rest of the world there is more and more a turning towards her for spiritual help and a saving Light. This must not and will surely not Read More


The Beauty and the Wonder of Love pp 397-399 (SH 206)

Of all the forces we experience during our sojourn upon earth, love is indeed the most powerful. We are being introduced to this Force of Love that comes from the very highest though it is distorted as it enters the realms of Ignorance and is seized by the play of the ego and distorted by desires.

Sri Aurobindo His Life Unique fin

Publisher’s Note and Introduction

We are starting to serialize this unique biography of Sri Aurobindo, which was written in response to a request from The Mother, reviewed chapter by chapter by Nolini da, and translated by Andre Morisset for its bilingual publication at the Bulletin over the period of 10 years starting in 1960.

Finding the Divine in daily life 7: Attitudes (video)

Finding the Divine in daily life 8 – The Discovery (video)

The eighth and concluding talk of Alok bhai’s series “Finding Divine in Daily Life” – The Discovery , 2015 Retreat in Greenville, South Carolina, USA: To stay updated on all future video posts, please subscribe at AuroMaa Channel on YouTube (you can type )


The one destined face pp 394-395 (SH 204)

At last Savitri’s journey comes to an end; the chariot comes to a halt before the one destined partner of her great game of life. She has discovered Satyavan even as Satyavan has discovered her. This great moment is captured now in the lines that follow.


Dyuman “The Luminous” — Karma yogi (HH 181)

“His inner contact with the Mother was such that he could draw her out of the deepest trance….. Dyuman was sent to call her inwardly out of her trance into which she had gone in the interval — between her leaving Sri Aurobindo’s side and his taking his last breath. Without a whisper or a touch he is said to have informed her of the need to go back to Sri Aurobindo’s room…”