05 Savitri, The Song of the Infinite 2

Savitri, The Song of the Infinite

“… passages of exquisite beauty and power and grace that bring out this vision of the One to our mist-laden eyes ever struggling to make sense of the evil that one sees within and around oneself. Our eyes see only division while Truth is supreme unity and sublime Harmony. God and the World, Soul and Nature, Spirit and Matter are not two eternally separate but are two poles of a single unity”


The Ever-Living Presence (05) The Song of Victory

Part 5 of an article on different aspects of fulfillment of the Integral Yoga, including physical transformation of the body.
An audio recording of the Mother’s conversation in English and French, as quoted in the text, is included.


6.3 Stress Management – A Different Approach

“Often the shock of painful external events wakes us to a deeper inner life. All stress, therefore, also has an evolutionary perspective. It comes to liberate us out of the bounds of narrowness to wideness….. The more rigid and resistant we are to change, the greater the stress.”


The Indwelling Universal

“…Unborn I sit, timeless, intangible:
All things are shadows in my tranquil glass.
My vast transcendence holds the cosmic whirl;
I am hid in it as in the sea a pearl.” 

Bride of the Fire 1

Bride of the Fire

“Voice of Infinity, sound in my heart, –
Call of the One!
Stamp there thy radiance, never to part,
O living sun.”

invitation thumb

“Invitation to Savitri” Pt 09: Book 1, Canto 4 continued

“If you want to find out why you are here, what it is that you have to do in this life, it’s not enough to consult your mind, career guidance books etc. That may also be necessary, but your primary purpose of being here is to ask that guide, that witness, that burning flame, bring it to the front and make that the leader of your pilgrimage in this life. That is the purpose of going within.”