Building Matrimandir mod 4

“Building Matrimandir, or Labour of Love” (video)

Film narrates the history of building Matrimandir, an important and powerful feature at the heart of Auroville, which was seen by the Mother as the symbol of the Divine’s answer to man’s aspiration for perfection and as the central cohesive force for the growth of city.

Vastness and Light

Vastness and Light pp 25-26

The Vedic seers saw the Truth as a Vast, luminous consciousness, a limitless Existence beyond dualities of the mind and the ego. This is the next ascension that Aswapati undergoes, and the first step towards the building of a deeper, higher and truer life within us.

The Glory AM n 1080

The One

An opening section of the book – a passage from Sri Aurobindo’s “The Mother”

The Glory AM n 1080

Introduction and Contents

A book of forty-two annotated selections from Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri with an introductory passage from Sri Aurobindo’s book The Mother. It has been compiled by Dr Alok Pandey, who’s notes on the approach followed in choosing and annotating the selections are given below.

's return to Pondicherry

The significance of 24th April Darshan Day

The 24th of April occupies a special place in the Ashram History. It was the day Her final arrival, which marked a new phase of Her Work with Sri Aurobindo for Earth and man. It marked a definitive change in the rhythm and scope of the Ashram life. The Mother has noted that it ‘…was the tangible sign of the sure Victory over the adverse forces.’

The Issue 3 the help and the grace

The Issue (Part 3) – The Help and the Grace

“This is Savitri, the Light of the Supreme, the incarnation of the Divine Mother who enters the prison house of matter, veiling Her Light and Glory and Powers. She comes near us to breathe hope and give strength. Her very Presence is enough to disarm the sentries. Her smile is enough to fill us with renewed energy and enthusiasm.”


The Two Approaches and the Central Secret

Yet if one were to ask what is the most fundamental word of yoga that Sri Aurobindo reveals to us, the answer would be very much to simply open to the Mother. With the Mother it is not words and intellect that comes into play but love and surrender. With Her it is as if the Divine Presence we seek within had stepped out in the forefront shedding Its mask of secrecy.

Eternity Speaks old

Yoga in Savitri – Eternity Speaks (video clip)

“Men are so much engrossed in the crowded life of senses that they hardly aware of themselves as apart from the movements in which they are carried. Even the few who have become conscious of their mental selves and stand aloof from their external life-movements, are lost in the noise of their own thought-activity and emotional turmoils.”

1913 05 11 cover

May 11, 1913

“O Lord, Lord, a boundless joy fills my heart, songs of gladness surge through my head in marvellous waves, and in the full confidence of Thy certain triumph I find a sovereign Peace and an invincible Power. “

37 Shiva


“Life springs in her and Mind is born; her face
She lifts to Him who is Herself, until
The Spirit leaps into the Spirit’s embrace.”