49 In The Battle

In the Battle

“… On Life’s long bridge through Time’s enormous sea,
I have accepted death and borne defeat
If by my fall some gain were clutched for Thee.”

Even the Great must Rise and Fall

Even the Great Must Rise and Fall pp 35-36

The process is the same for all. Even the great and the strong must pass through the dark field of Nature. In fact, greater the being, greater is the burden it must bear. The seer-king Aswapati leads us and shows the way out of our present limited and ignorant existence and transforming it into a conscious play of the Eternal and the Infinite.

Experience and Experiencing Consciousness cover

Experience and the Experiencing Consciousness

“… when the Avatara and the Divine Mother take upon themselves the role of a Teacher, then there are no limits to the possibilities, no fixed term to our growth and progress, no hedges that constrain our experience. She lowers Herself to our puny heights and carries us in Her arms of Love and Light towards the boundless beatitudes that await our discovery. The limits of religions and ideologies, systems and theories, cults and creeds that tie us forever down simply vanish before the growing Light.”

The Children of AV part 2 ver2

The Children of Auroville, part Two: Here and Now

The story of children who were born in Auroville or came here in an early age, grew up here and went out to further their education and decided to come back to Auroville. Their stories, their concerns and their dreams. A documentary film, 57 mins.

Invitation 720 a

“Invitation to Savitri” Pt 26: Book 7, Cantos 4–7

“There is no point in thinking of a better theory, a better social system, a better agenda, a better United Nations. As long as the human mind is what it is, it is fully capable of twisting and perverting even the highest truth when it comes. And that is why his [Sri Aurobindo’s] one aim was to go beyond the mind such that this perverting path of the mind can be completely abolished.”

DDB cover final

Chapter 1: What is Death Pt 2

“By its very nature life cannot perish but rise again and again till it has discovered at last God, Freedom, Light, Immortality. The soul that has once taken the upward curve cannot rest and returns again and again till it arrives. The path shines once again and the soul lifts up its head once again towards the sun. And above all we must remember the greatest truth of Grace that guards us in our passage through the Unseen and the Unknown.”