Savitri 37 A Settlement in the Immutable cover

A Settlement in the Immutable pp 36-37

What is now described is the settling of repeated contacts and experiences into a Realisation.The discovery of the Divine within is indeed the pivotal point of sadhana, the first thing needful. But instead of making this discovery a means for escape from worldly life, the yogin on the path of Integral Yoga turns this into a greater and diviner living.

Savitri in Hindi Cover 1920 1080

The Warrior Soul of Savitri pp 460-462 (SH 237)

“To the Queen’s apprehensions concerning her daughter Savitri, Narad reminds that She has come for this work as the incarnate Force of the Divine, charged with the mandate to ‘open the doors long closed and denied’ to man, and that She is sufficient to her task. On these hopeful and powerful words closes the Book of Fate.”

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Sri Aurobindo and the French Revolution (HH 208)

The French revolution marked an important step in the earth’s evolutionary history. Sri Aurobindo has written extensively about it and as it seems was very much behind this revolution. Today’s talk is dedicated to this momentous event.

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“Words, Words, Words” – Nolini Kanta Gupta

“… the Mother has left with us not merely her consciousness but a conscious being, a part of her living personality in us; that is the divine legacy we enjoy. We must not simply be proud of it but try to prove ourselves worthy of it.”