Veda of the body bk 780

10. Towards the Future – The Evolutionary Transformation of the Body

“A perfectly healthy body as we envisage it now is a body fit, open and receptive to higher forces […] The stress of survival is born because of a sense of separateness. Each organism therefore tries to overpower or ‘outsmart’ others in the competitive game of life, but sooner or later succumbs as it must, since no individual form of life can be greater than the whole. But the individual can rediscover its link with the whole and thus arrive at a new mode of mastery. “

1913 07 23 cover

July 23, 1913

“O LORD, O inconceivable Splendour, may Thy Beauty overflow the earth, may Thy Love be kindled in all hearts and the reign of Thy Peace be upon all.”

Savitri in Hindi Cover 1920 1080

The Face of Bliss behind the Mask of Pleasure and Pain pp 453-454 (SH 233)

Sri Aurobindo cautions us against taking the path of suffering towards the Divine. It should be rather a calm and glad submission to the Divine. It is through this inner union with the Divine that we can discover the Bliss that built the worlds and feel it behind all events and circumstances of life, regardless of their surface value.

42 Lila


“In us is the thousandfold Spirit who is one,
An eternal thinker calm and great and wise,
A seer whose eye is an all-regarding sun,
A poet of the cosmic mysteries.”

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The Sunlit Path (HH 205)

“Each Avatara opens the way towards the Future. He holds His own example before humanity and gives a path to walk on with His help. Sri Aurobindo opened the way to a divinization of nature and the Sunlit Path of the Supramental Yoga. We share a little glimpse of this path opened for earth and man.”

Sudhir K Sarkar cover

A Life Sketch of Sudhir Kumar Sarkar

“His intense love for the Mother, in whom he saw the embodiment of his Motherland, and his sincerity and integrity made him Her worthy child. Of him the Mother once said, “Sudhir is my true Bhakta”. May his life inspire the youth of today. To remember him is to remember the idealism and spirit of sacrifice that once inspired a chosen few and through them electrified the multitudes of this country. To remember him is to remember the noble vision for which they lived and died, the vision of their Master, Sri Aurobindo.”

Veda of the body bk 780

9.3 An Integral Model of Health – Social Health and Man Management

“All illness is essentially an outer reflection of an inner disequilibrium. The contact with the outer world can be the catalytic agent inducing an inner disequilibrium. […] we need to learn to listen to the ‘still small voice’ that gently guides us from the silent depths of our heart. It is through this deeper truth that we have to learn to relate our self with the world.”