Mystery of the great Divine Descents w

Mystery of the Divine Descents in Humanity

“Quite unlike the great Masters and Prophets who come to show the way that man must follow, the Avatar becomes the Way. His mere Presence is enough and all that is needed on part of man is to have faith and open himself to the Grace and Mercy that the Avatar embodies.”

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“My First Meeting with Sri Aurobindo” – Dilip Kumar Roy

“It was in January, 1924, that I saw Sri Aurobindo for the first time. I enjoyed the rare privilege of having a long talk with him on the 24th. The next day the duration of the talk was shorter. I kept an elaborate record of all that had passed and this report I sent him subsequently for revision. He approved of it substantially and made only a few minor corrections. Here is the report…”

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Growth into Intuition p 39

As the consciousness ascends beyond the limiting hedge of sense mind, we begin to receive intuitive flashes from Above. Slowly there is a progressive intuitivisation of our being. We see here a detailed description of the workings of Intuition, its birth and path in the human consciousness, its action and role in the transformation of the mind.

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Chapter 3. The Shroud of Death Pt 3

Nothing hurts our human sensibilities and belief in a just and fair world as the death of a young one. It is very difficult to accept an untimely death, with the sudden shattering of all hopes and dreams. Did a cruel god devise all this just to inflict pain? Is there a contrary power that mars the all-loving Creator’s Work? Is it some ghost of a bygone karma?

The Iron Chain

The Iron Chain

You cannot see it with your physical eyes, but the Mother’s look is always upon you, her look of love and protection: be sure and certain of that. You carry that within you for all time and wherever you go, wherever in the entire world. You carry in you a portion, a spark of her Love; and that will save you from many difficulties, from much danger. If you can keep that in your active memory, it will be still more beneficial.

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The Divine Becomes Human pp 469-471 (SH 240)

Savitri outwardly remains calm and sweet and forbearing in her dealings with her little world around, but inwardly she suffers with the foreknowledge of death. She experiences now the entire range of human life and identifies with it.

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February 08, 1914

“… every morning my aspiration rises ardently towards Thee and I implore that my being, integrally awakened to the knowledge of Thee, may live only by Thee, in Thee and for Thee…”

53 Moments


“The peace of God, a mighty transience,
Is now my spirit’s boundless atmosphere.
All parts are gathered into a timeless whole;
All moments blaze in an eternal year.”

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What is a Mantra (video)

A short introduction to what is a Mantra, filmed in Auroville, India, in 2012. Gopika offers a reflection on the significance of Vedic Mantra. Nadaka & Gopika sing the Gayatri mantra, an ancient hymn to the Sun.