Remembering The Mother cover 3

“Remembering The Mother” by Anie Nunnally

“Mother Divine, they say you are 125 years old, but you are at once ancient and young. You are the eternal and universal creatrix and cannot be placed within the narrow confines of age, personality, time, space, or nationality. You are all-wisdom, all-wideness, you are omniscient and omnipresent.”

The teaching of Flowers cover 1

The Teaching of Flowers (video)

Using the Mother’s flower teachings as a framework, this film presents the story of her life and work from her birth and early childhood realizations, her spiritual attainments and her meeting with Sri Aurobindo and the formation of the Ashram.

Veda of the body bk 780

8. Healing Communications (Part 2)

“What would be the system and method of the healer? Well, he may use the system with which he is quite naturally familiar and conversant. But he should have a wide inner flexibility and plasticity in the application of the system, […] an absolute trust in the healing power of Grace and the humility to depend upon Its power and wait patiently upon Its wisdom.”

1913 06 17

June 17, 1913

“GRANT, O Lord, that I may be like a fire that illumines and gives warmth, like a spring of water that quenches thirst, like a tree that shelters and protects. … Men are so unhappy and ignorant and have so great a need of help.”

38 Man the Enigma

Man the Enigma

“A deep enigma is the soul of man. […]
A demigod and a demon and a brute,
The slave and the creator of his fate.”

New Birth - Wilfried Schuh 1080

A New Birth (video clip)

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on the New Birth: birth of the true consciousness, that of the Divine Presence in us. A video clip by Wilfried Schuh, Germany.

Building Matrimandir mod 4

“Building Matrimandir, or Labour of Love” (video)

Film narrates the history of building Matrimandir, an important and powerful feature at the heart of Auroville, which was seen by the Mother as the symbol of the Divine’s answer to man’s aspiration for perfection and as the central cohesive force for the growth of city.

Vastness and Light

Vastness and Light pp 25-26

The Vedic seers saw the Truth as a Vast, luminous consciousness, a limitless Existence beyond dualities of the mind and the ego. This is the next ascension that Aswapati undergoes, and the first step towards the building of a deeper, higher and truer life within us.