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Introduction. Behind the Iron Mask.

“… truth is a personal quest where books and thoughts are only guide-posts and lighthouses in our never ceasing journey. The goal of our quest is outside all our present maps with only God within as our Guide and God without and around us as our sole authentic reference point.”

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November 22, 1913

“Grant, O Lord, that all shadows may be dispersed and that, more and more, I may become Thy faithful servant in constancy and in serenity…”

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Reflections on Russia (HH 206)

Russia is a land impregnated with the seed of spirituality. Deep within its past, it was the land through which ancient mystics or Rishis migrated from the Arctic region during the previous Ice-Age towards more habitable regions. Another way is to look within its soul that seeks to establish the Ideal of Brotherhood and Fraternity in humanity. Finally, to the devotees and disciples of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, Russia is indeed a special place being the place of Her last incarnation just before the present one.

encountering death

Encountering Death

Physicians routinely encounter the phenomenon of Death as also those involved with the care of Terminally ill. It brings us face to face with our human vulnerabilities and is indeed a great challenge. The present interaction with the medical fraternity takes on some of these issues.

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August 08, 1913

“All appears to me beautiful, harmonious, silent, in spite of the din outside. And in this silence, it is Thou, O Lord, whom I see, and I so perceive Thee that I can only express this perception as that of a constant smile.”

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The One and the Many pp 31-32

“How does our self-experience and world-experience change when we are identified with the Cosmic Spirit? We are given a brief glimpse of this state in the lines that follow.”