Contact with Kingdom of the Gods

Contact with the Kingdom of the Gods pp 27-28

“The Seer-king Aswapati now ascends to the higher planes. He leaves the limits and boundaries of terrestrial nature, and enters the domain of the Gods, who preside over creation and its various aspects and functioning as powers of the One.”

Veda of the body bk 780

9.2 An Integral Model of Health – Physical and Psychological Self-Culture

“To discover health one has to discover its source. Opening of the mind and body and life to the psychic influence is the most important key to an ascending state of perfection that would eventually lead man beyond the frontiers of our present possibilities to a complete freedom and a total immunity from all illnesses, accidents, poisoning and eventually even death.”

Invitation 720 a

“Invitation to Savitri” Pt 21: Book 6 Canto 2

“Book VI, Canto 2 takes up the problem of pain. Sri Aurobindo doesn’t dismiss pain and evil as unreal; evil is real, but evil is not an inherent property characteristic of the supreme Reality. Evil begins at a certain stage in the evolutionary journey, and when its need is over, evil automatically gets eliminated. You can only drive evil away through the spiritual approach by rising to a level of consciousness above the mind.”

Savitri in Hindi Cover 1920 1080

End of the Law of Pain pp 449-451 (SH 231)

The true solution to the enigma of evil and pain lies in transforming the Inconscient base upon which earthly life stands. But this is no mean or easy task. The powers of the Inconscience oppose and deny, and until the Inconscient law is changed, the lasting remedy for pain will continue to elude us.

1913 06 27

June 27, 1913

“… for him who knows how to listen to the note, […] all foolish illusions vanish or are transformed into a joyful acceptance of the marvellous truth that has been glimpsed.”

2009 City of the Dawn crop

City of the Dawn

A documentary film produced by New Momentum for Human Unity and directed by Christopher Buhrman, film explores the community of Auroville, India, demonstrating what is possible when people attempt to live together in a community beyond the boundaries of nation, religion and race.

2016 Tuesday Talks Video Cover USE

On Buddha (HH 203)

The 10th May is Buddha Purnima, the birthday of Siddhartha, the prince who would walk out of a kingly life and royal palace in search of a solution to misery and suffering. His is a life of seeking and enlightenment, his master word is compassion, his goal nirvana. We share some of the thoughts of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on Buddha.