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The Mother: The Prayer of the Cells in the Body

“The body’s cells grow into something conscious, entirely conscious. […] And this physical mind […] has fallen silent, and in silence it has received inspiration from the Consciousness. And it has started praying again: the same prayers that were earlier in the mind.”

26. Experiences


I experience Love and Ananda, but they disappear after a while.

It is so with all spiritual experiences. The ordinary consciousness is not accustomed to hold them.

A fall in concentration is very upsetting.

Fall of the concentration happens to everybody […]

The One who has become the Many

The One Who Has Become the Many pp 60-61

Though creation appears to our senses as a number of separate objects hung in Space and connected through the play of Time, behind all its variations and multiplicity, there is the One. It is the One Reality that has become the Many. This is the great secret we are here to discover.

Q&A at SACAR 2017 11

Q & A on Yoga and Psychology

A Questions and Answers Session, following a talk by Dr Alok Pandey at the Workshop on Integral Counselling, 10-12 November 2017, at SACAR (Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research).