Parvati Baul in Auroville (2011) part 1

Parvathy Baul in Auroville

Devotional chanting and rotating dance, Dervish style, of Parvathy Baul, dancer, singer and storyteller from Bengal.
A video clip from her performance in Auroville in 2011, produced by Manohar.

Invitation 720 a

“Invitation to Savitri” Pt 31: Conclusion

I‘m like somebody who has gone to see the Madurai temple and keeps telling to whoever comes to look at this statue, that statue and the other. The chances are I may never get an opportunity to go into the temple myself and stand before the sanctum sanctorum, but my delight is to describe this, draw people’s attention to this. Ultimately, you have to get into the sanctum sanctorum and stand before the Divine. This is the invitation.

Savitri 46 The chosen human vessel

The Chosen Human Vessel pp 47-48

This passage about a chosen human vessel should not be taken as if others are excluded. Chosen simply means that the time has come for this soul to realize the Divine or to become a conscious and willing instrument of the Divine Work.

1914 03 07 cover

March 07, 1914, On board the Kaga Maru

This morning my prayer rises to Thee, always with the same aspiration: to live Thy love, to radiate Thy love, with such potency and effectiveness that all may feel fortified, regenerated and illumined by our contact.

59 The Cosmic Spirit

The Cosmic Spirit

“My life is the life of village and continent,
I am earth’s agony and her throbs of bliss;
I share all creatures’ sorrow and content
And feel the passage of every stab and kiss.”

Savitri 45

The Lost Immensities pp 46-47

We are told that there are vast domains of Light and Peace and Bliss, which lie beyond the ken of our normal perceptions, while accessible to all who so aspire. But ordinarily we are too much preoccupied with the surface life to even think about it.