Pursuing the Path without an Embodied Guru

Pursuing the Path Without an Embodied Guru

“As to the question of pursuing the Path without an embodied Guru – well, we may not be able to see Her, but She is able to see us, and yoga depends primarily on the Divine rather than on human end… ” (CN03)


3.3 The Collaboration of Nature

Nature, in her play of forces, has accepted the new Force which has manifested and included it in her movements. And as always, the movements of Nature are on a scale which is infinitely beyond the human scale and not visible to an ordinary human consciousness.

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Explorations in Savitri 091, pp. 241-243

Thus streamed down from the realm of early Light
Ethereal thinkings into Matter’s world […]
To labour and to dream and new-create,
To feel beauty’s touch and know the world and self:
The Golden Child began to think and see.

LP34 Descent


All my cells thrill swept by a surge of splendour,
Soul and body stir with a mighty rapture,
Light and still more light like an ocean billows
Over me, round me.

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1.23 Definition of a Divine Humanity or a Supramental Race

Our purpose in Yoga is to exile the limited outward-looking ego and to enthrone God in its place as the ruling Inhabitant of the nature. … This, not an exaggerated or even a sublimated energy of human intellect and action, is the type of the superman whom we are called to evolve by our Yoga.

Explorations youtube YT 1080

Explorations in Savitri 090, pp. 240-241

To eternal light and knowledge meant to rise,
Up from man’s bare beginning is our climb;
Out of earth’s heavy smallness we must break,
We must search our nature with spiritual fire