Dreams and Visions m

Dreams: Origin and Formation – The Mother

Dreams are as natural as the activities of the day […] Except in a few very rare instances, a dream is the awakening of something recorded in the subconscious. There are also symbolic and premonitory dreams, but very rarely do dreams consist of true memories of past lives […] One dreams in the mental or vital consciousness but rarely does one dream in the psychic consciousness.


“Falsehood” – Nolini Kanta Gupta

Man is not an individual wholly separated or isolated from other beings. In spite of his own unique personality and formation he is yet one with all and represents the whole of the terrestrial consciousness[…] All that is good in the world you have within you; all that is bad on earth, that too you possess in your consciousness. No human being is a pure saint or angel, nor is he a complete devil.

Parvati Baul in Auroville (2011) Part 2

Parvathy Baul in Auroville (part 2)

Devotional chanting and rotating dance, Dervish style, of Parvathy Baul, dancer, singer and storyteller from Bengal.
A video clip from her performance in Auroville in 2011, produced by Manohar (PART 2).

's Enlightenment

Mind’s Enlightenment

What is the proper function of the intellect? Is it helpful in Sadhana? Before the psychic being takes hold of the Adhar, which part governs our mind, vital and physical? I feel that it is time I became aware of Her presence during intellectual activity also. How to start doing it?

1914 03 17 cover

March 17, 1914

The body is a marvellous instrument, it is our mind that does not know how to use it […] But the supreme science, O Lord, is to be united with Thee, to confide in Thee, to live in Thee, to be Thou, and then there is nothing that is impossible to the man manifesting Thy omnipotence.

60 Self


He said, “I am egoless, spiritual, free,”
Then swore because his dinner was not ready.