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Lila or The Divine Play (HH 227)

What attitude should we take in a world besieged with cruelty and evil? What exactly is this lila of Krishna that is difficult to understand? These are some of the questions we take up today.

9. Dreams


While washing the big flower-vase of the Reception Room, one part fell from my hands and it broke. So may I take this dream as prophetic?

One sees many things like that which are not necessarily prophetic (rarely they are), but only suggestions, formations etc. on the vital plane.

Savitri 79 The Overmind Maya

The Overmind Maya, pp 85-87

Having hinted to us the workings of a supreme creative Intelligence behind forms and figures and qualities, Sri Aurobindo now gives us a glimpse of this Creative Power. She is not a mechanical energy but a conscious Power of God that has gone into creation.

8. Sleep


Is the time come for me to start becoming conscious of my nights? My normal sleep is filled with unconsciousness.

It does not matter much at present. Put your waking consciousness right.

The sleep-consciousness has to be changed quickly as it is a fundamental basis.

First you will have to get the capacity of getting it back as soon as you rise.

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The Inner Work

The outer activity of the Mother as head and organiser of the Ashram was the only visible side of her work. She had another wider existence in the inner planes too. … But only a fraction of her inner experiences has been recorded, partly in her talks, partly in Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri.

Savitri 78 a mediator divinity

A Mediator Divinity, pp. 84-85

There are powers that lie in the intermediary domains that connect the human mind to the Overmind, which can be that can easily be mistaken for the true Divine. Sri Aurobindo reminds us that this is but a mediating realm, the mediator divinity that connects matter with the Spirit.

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1.15 The Larger Picture behind Illness

Man is a transitional being, and illness is, paradoxically, one of the means, disastrous means no doubt, that Nature has chosen. Not caring for establishing a harmony, or even perhaps the survival of the race, Nature seems to be pressing relentlessly towards creating this new type.

Meditations by Anilbaran


Aspiration is our only tapasya, aspiration is the only fire we are to keep burning in our heart at all times and under all circumstances. We need light no other fire, we need no other askesis or austerity.

The Mothers Coming 3

Her Unfinished Divine Work (3/5)

The night is fast receding and if we can open ourselves to the touch of Dawn, we shall feel or actually see the outbreak of a New Day, the emergence of a New Life from the old…