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Chapter 4 Beyond Death Pt 1

As in life so also in death, our own state determines the experiences we go through. Just as departing in a state of luminous joy and peace opens us to the higher worlds of light so also departing in a state of depression or pessimism projects us straight into the worlds of gloom and darkness.

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February 15, 1914

“Grant, I implore Thee, that all in my being may be identified with Thee and may I be nothing else than a flaming torch of love, one utterly awakened to Thy supreme action of love.”

Streams of the Divine Mother m

“Love the Divine” – Nolini Kanta Gupta

“Love the Divine alone and the Divine will always be with you.” Mother wrote this to one of her children. It is the key to solve problems, the magic mantra to cure the ills of human life and consciousness, the one remedy for all inner and outer ailments.

56 Light


I move in an ocean of stupendous Light
Joining my depths to His eternal height.