The One who has become the Many

The One Who Has Become the Many pp 60-61

Though creation appears to our senses as a number of separate objects hung in Space and connected through the play of Time, behind all its variations and multiplicity, there is the One. It is the One Reality that has become the Many. This is the great secret we are here to discover.

Q&A at SACAR 2017 11

Q & A on Yoga and Psychology

A Questions and Answers Session, following a talk by Dr Alok Pandey at the Workshop on Integral Counselling, 10-12 November 2017, at SACAR (Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research).

1914 09 28 cover

September 28, 1914

A day will come when the harmony shall be achieved and all the country shall be, by its very life, the bearer of Thy word and Thy manifestation. But meanwhile my pen is mute to chant Thy praise.

25. Receptivity and Assimilation

Receptivity and Assimilation

Aspiration is intense in the morning, then diminishes, and in the evening the consciousness becomes calm and quiet. Is this the rule in such matters?

It is quite usual to have such periods in the day. The consciousness needs time for rest and assimilation, it cannot be at the same pitch of intensity at all times.

70 Form


O worshipper of the formless Infinite,
Reject not form, what dwells in it is He.
Each finite is that deep Infinity
Enshrining His veiled soul of pure delight.

sam symb 1920 m

Victory to Him!

A prayer written by Kapali Sastry and recited by Vasanti Rao.
“Victory to Him, our Lord Sri Aurobindo, of entire parts!
Victory to the Sustainer of the worlds, the Mother Mira of white radiance!
To Their Integral Yoga all victory – may it manifest fully on earth!”

He is Here cover

‘He is Here’ (Nirodbaran)

“I shall leave my dreams in their argent air,
For in a raiment of gold and blue
There shall move on the earth embodied and fair
The living truth of you.”