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“Invitation to Savitri” Pt 29: Book 10, Canto 3

The kingdom of heaven was always on the other side of death. Now, Sri Aurobindo discovered that this gap can be bridged, and he called this bridge between the highest level of the mind that man has ever reached, and a world of perfection, the supramental consciousness. Once this bridge is built, that world can be brought rolling down to our earth.

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Book One Canto III Summary

This is the description of the seer-king Aswapati as he ascends out of the zone of Ignorance and settles into Knowledge. We are also told that he also embodies the human aspiration and thus becomes a meeting point between the human, as he stands now, and the Divine manifestation that is yet to come.

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A Program for the Yoga pp 475-477 (SH 244)

Here we see a critical moment in Savitri’s life, when her central being, which is none other than the Divine Mother Herself in Her poise that has turned towards Creation to redeem it, the Mother of all souls, speaks to her reminding of her mission and gives her the program towards fulfilling it.

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Bhu – Earth

An interactive performance that gets its roots in the ancient practice of Kararipattu in Tamil Nadu.
Artistic direction: Philippe Pelen Baldini and Thierry Moucazambo.

Savitri 44

The Soul’s Release from Ignorance pp 44-45

This last passage summarises the kind of freedom that the seer and yogi Aswapati has arrived at in the course of his inner journey. Aswapati, the king, is now a changed person, he has undergone a large and luminous change in his consciousness.