39. Sex Thoughts and Impulses

Sex Thoughts and Impulses

With what is the sexual impulse to be replaced? And of what Divine part is it a degradation?

The Divine Ananda in the vital and in the body.
Ananda — which is the source of the Divine Creation.

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Oiwake: September 3, 1919

“… Nothing remains of the past but a potent love which gives me the pure heart of a child and the lightness and freedom of thought of a god.”



My mind is awake in stirless trance,
Hushed my heart, a burden of delight;
Dispelled is the senses’ flicker-dance,
Mute the body aureate with light.
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Chapter 9 Pt 2: Gems from the Gita

If the Upanishad lays down the broad theoretical framework for the subject of death and immortality, the Gita turns it masterfully into its practical application. The Gita enlightens our will and teaches us the attitudes we need to develop in facing death in our everyday life.

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The Journey of Life pp. 68-69

The great journey of life is the Purusha sailing through the fields of his experiences created by Nature. It is through this journey that he grows into his full stature. Sri Aurobindo gives us here the broad outline of this journey that the soul undertakes impelled by the currents and waves of nature.

38. Work


During the working period the useless thoughts intrude and interrupt the contact of the outer with the inner being. To what special difficulty do you attribute this?

There is no special difficulty beyond what everybody feels, that of reconciling work with the inner concentration. It is a difficulty that has to be conquered, but for most it takes time to conquer. You must be able to work and keep the silence of the inner being.

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Morality, Religion, Philosophy and Yoga, pp. 497-500 (SH 254)

In the domain of the Mind, Savitri encounters beings, representing different aspects of the higher mind of humanity. One of them approaches her, asking her to be part of his religion. But Savitri stops not, since what she is looking for is not a doctrine or belief system but her own soul.

37. Illness; Its Prevention and Cure

Illness: Its Prevention and Cure

What is the Yogic method of getting rid of a pain or illness?

To separate yourself from the thing and call in the Mother’s Force to cure it — or else to use your will force with faith in the power to heal, having the support of the Mother’s Force behind you. If you cannot use either of these methods then you must rely on the action of the medicines.

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April 7, 1917

What difference is there between the human body and the body of a tree? In truth, there is none, the consciousness which animates them is identically the same.

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Not to Destroy but to Transform (HH 219)

Sri Aurobindo’s yoga makes many departures from traditional yogas, because with the experience and advent of the Supermind a new possibility opens for creation. It reveals that each and every element of creation not only has the Divine Presence within it but is actually moving towards a greater and greater divine becoming.