Book 1 Canto 5 Closing remarks cover

Book One Canto V Summary

In this Canto we see Seer King Aswapati experiencing something new and unprecedented in the history of Yoga. In response to his new aspiration that wants perfection here upon earth, in the material frame itself, he is given a glimpse of the Splendours of the Spirit hidden in the higher hemisphere of existence.

Savitri 83 cover The Higher Hemisphere

The Higher Hemisphere, pp. 90-91

What follows next is hurried glimpse of the Higher Hemisphere. What he has now glimpsed from the translucent screen of the Overmind must be entered into and experienced directly. This will be described in details later.

Meditations by Anilbaran

The Goal

The true test of our aspiration is that we must dissociate ourselves completely from the ordinary ways and modes of mankind; we must not look with a longing on the life we have consciously and deliberately left behind.

14. Sex and its Conquest

Sex and its Conquest

I have written to you that it was possible to detach myself from the sex difficulty to some extent. But there is no total overcoming it.

It is not a question of overcoming, but of detachment — not being identified with it or seized by it. Detachment is the first step. If you can detach yourself from the sex suggestions even when having them as you say, then they do not matter so much … [and] can wait for their final removal hereafter.

The Mother bio cover FINAL

Sri Aurobindo Leaves His Body

1950 – Sri Aurobindo leaves his body in order to continue his work from the subtle-physical plane, whilst the Mother strives on for the fulfillment of his object on earth: the manifestation of Supermind, which, in its turn, took place six years later.

Savitri in Hindi Cover 1920 1080

Discovery of the Soul, pp 525-526 (SH 264)

Pressing further, Savitri plunges deep within her heart. There she discovers her psychic being and through that door her central being that has governed her journey through many lives. The nature of the soul and the identification with it are described here.

Savitri 82 cover

Light of the Trinity Supreme, pp. 89-90

Aswapati now sees the worlds that lie concealed in the higher Hemisphere of existence. He stands now at the borders of the two hemispheres and from this vantage point gets a glimpse of the Supramental world, even though from the outside.

13. Eye-Strain


There is a strain in my eyes. Reading has become difficult. What to do?

For the eyes you can try boric acid lotion; it should at least take away the pain. You will have to be careful about your eyes. Reading by night (too much) is unadvisable.

LP16 Musa Spiritus

Musa Spiritus

Into the gulfs of our nature leap,
Voice of the spaces, call of the Light!
Break the seals of Matter’s sleep,
Break the trance of the unseen height.