Streams of the Divine Mother m

“Love the Divine” – Nolini Kanta Gupta

“Love the Divine alone and the Divine will always be with you.” Mother wrote this to one of her children. It is the key to solve problems, the magic mantra to cure the ills of human life and consciousness, the one remedy for all inner and outer ailments.

56 Light


I move in an ocean of stupendous Light
Joining my depths to His eternal height.

42 The Gifts of Intuition

The Gifts of Intuition pp 41-42

As the seer awakens to the workings of Intuition within him, he develops new ways of knowing and understanding life. A new relation begins to form between himself and the world replacing the old, egocentric view and the laborious mental understanding.

1914 02 14 cover

February 14, 1914

“Lord, deliver us from all care for contingencies, deliver us from the ordinary outlook on things. Grant that we may henceforth see only with Thy eyes and act only by Thy will. Transform us into living torches of Thy divine love.”

55 Liberation 2

Liberation [2]

My mind, my soul grow larger than all Space;
Time founders in that vastness glad and nude:
The body fades, an outline, a dim trace,
A memory in the spirit’s solitude.

Mantra Dhyana

Mantra Dhyana: Om Gananam Tva Ganapatim

Om Gananam Tva Ganapatim chant is a variation of the Vedic Samhitah. From ancient times, Vedic mantras were passed down orally and were retained purely by memory. The Vedic Seers evolved complex tonal and rhythmical sequences that were inspired and designed to transform the being through deep concentration.

cover Savitri 41

Aswapati’s Ascension into the Wideness of Truth-Light pp 39-41

Aswapati’s journey carries him right up to the borders that join the lower and the higher hemispheres of existence. Thus we see the first part of his yoga coming to a close with ascension out of the state of Ignorance into the wide luminous spaces. He crosses domains of growing Light and, ascending through the Rays of Intuition, stands at the borders of the Overmind. The changes that accompany this ascent are being described subsequently.