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1.2 What is Health?

If disease is essentially about the disturbance of equilibrium, then health can be defined as a state of equilibrium. But this equilibrium by its very nature cannot be static. The human body is constantly in a state of flux both within and without.

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October 23, 1937

GLORY to Thee, O Lord, who triumphest over every obstacle.
Grant that nothing in us shall be an obstacle in Thy work.
Grant that nothing may retard Thy manifestation.

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An Introduction

“If in the following pages we give many data on the outer life of the Mother, it should not divert the mind from the proper purpose of such a writing: to point towards the timeless ever-living Mother of the Universe, her Power and Love, which are felt if we turn towards her.”

43. The Mental and Psychic Dreams

The Mental and Psychic Dreams

In mental dreams can things, men and movements figure as in vital dreams? They can, but the happenings there have a different less fanciful character with a clear meaning. Last night I saw two dreams: 1) A warrior sends to his son a flower (signifying “Psychic Centre”) and informs him thus: “There is a sword Read More

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Champaklal – The Mother’s Lion (HH 221)

Champaklal was the living embodiment of the fire of yoga, aspiration and devotion, fusing into divine service. He was born to serve Them and it seems that like Hanuman, he came along with the Divine Avatara with a very specific work. 2nd February (1903) marks his birthday.



This was the closed mute and burning source
Whence were formed the worlds and their star-dance;
Life sprang a self-rapt inconscient Force,
Love, a blazing seed, from that flame-trance.

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Book One Canto IV Summary

Aswapati seeks and discovers the Master plan of this universe, its occult cause and moving force, the far-off goal towards which creation moves. This knowledge is secret because we cannot find it through the mind or the senses but can discover it through other faculties and powers which have now awakened in Aswapati.

Health and Healing cover

1.1 What is Illness

Disease is not just an absence of physical or even mental signs and symptoms but a state of disorder and disharmony, a state of imbalance if we like, that can manifest at any of the levels of our being—physical, psychological, social.

42. The Vital and Subconscient Dreams

The Vital and Subconscient Dreams

Is it helpful to study one’s own dreams, unravel them and find out their meaning?

Unless they are really significant dreams it is a waste of time. I don’t think it is necessary to make the effort to remember unless you feel that there has been something of special importance.