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Chapter 5 Part 2: The Sheaths of the Soul

The soul is clothed in many sheaths that protect the divine seed till it becomes ready and mature to express itself. The soul moves from birth to birth through a series of identifications with one or the other sheaths, which creates a false sense of self called the ego. Sheaths dissolve one by one during the intervening period after death, and we begin to forget our ego-identity of who we were in our outer aspects, and wake up to the true soul.

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The Curve of Human Evolution pp 485-487 (SH 249)

Savitri has seen the different parts of human nature, the states of consciousness that move us from behind. Now she studies the course of human evolution and, more importantly, what is still to come and the conditions for the change.

62 The Inconscient Foundation

The Inconscient Foundation

My soul regards its veiled subconscient base;
All the dead obstinate symbols of the past,
The hereditary moulds, the stamps of race
Are upheld to sight, the old imprints effaced.

9. The Vital Being

The Vital Being

Why is there no place for even good desires in the spiritual life?

If there are good desires, bad desires will come also. There is a place for will and aspiration, not for desire. If there is desire, there will be attachment, demand, craving, want of equanimity, sorrow at not getting, all that is unyogic.

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Esha di (HH 216)

On her birthday anniversary, we are recounting some episodes from life of Esha di (Esha Mukherjee), who came to the Ashram at the age of five and had a unique relationship with the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, who loved her deeply.

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April 04, 1914

“O LORD, my adoration rises ardently towards Thee, all my being is like an aspiration, a flame which is consecrated to Thee.”

8. Knowledge


“It is often better to wait for experience and then ask, because to form mental notions beforehand does not help, it becomes an obstacle to getting the real thing — you either remain with the idea only or you get something limited by the idea you have formed, not the force and full action of the power.”

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The Ignorant Mind’s View pp 49-50

Sri Aurobindo, like a Master Artist, contrasts the deeper view of a spiritual gaze with the superficial one that we are accustomed to. This is our human state as long as we remain subject to Ignorance, as long as our soul has not yet found its freedom.