68 The Law of Truth

The Law of Truth pp. 74-76

We see here Sri Aurobindo laying down the foundations of the Supramental Yoga that grants to the seeking soul the grand reconciliation between God and World, Soul and Nature, Spirit and Matter.

46. Beauty and Ananda

Beauty and Ananda

[The spiritual realization] sees the One everywhere, — the Beloved everywhere, the original bliss of existence everywhere and all these can create an inexpressible Ananda of beauty, — the beauty of the One, the beauty of the Divine, the beauty of the Beloved, the beauty of the eternal Existence in things.

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1.3 – 1.4 Cure and Treatment

Generally, the patient understands cure as a relief of symptoms. That is his end point, the target he is aiming at. But one can say with reasonable accuracy that cure is not just relief of symptoms but the return of the lost balance and harmony.

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Birth and Girlhood (1878-1896)

Even in her early years Mirra became conscious of her special purpose of life, her mission on earth: “I started contemplating or doing my Yoga from the age of 4. There was a small chair for me on which I used to sit still, engrossed in my meditation […]” From the age of five she was conscious that she did not belong to this world and did not have a human consciousness.

45. The Impulse towards Laya

The Impulse towards Laya

“The impulse towards laya is a creation of the mind, it is not the sole possible destiny of the soul. When the mind tries to abolish its own ignorance, it finds no escape from it except laya, because it supposes that there is no higher principle of cosmic existence beyond itself […] Those who go through the heart (love, bhakti) do not accept laya, they believe in a state beyond of eternal companionship with the Divine or dwelling in the Divine without laya.”


The Life Heavens

“I, Earth, have a deeper power than Heaven;
My lonely sorrow surpasses its rose-joys,
A red and bitter seed of the raptures seven; —
My dumbness fills with echoes of a far Voice.”

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Opening Remarks

The Seer-Yogi Aswapati now experiences a sudden turn in his yoga, which marks a departure from traditional yogas that aim mainly for liberation. The process also is a new and different one, a descent of the Power of the Spirit, as the Divine Shakti takes charge of the yoga.