A new possibility

A New Possibility for the Earth pp. 76-77

Why cannot the human body, this house of clay, be illumined with the Divine Light that dwells within us? Such is the aspiration that Aswapati implants upon earth. He aspires to bring down the greater world, the Glory he has glimpsed, here upon earth.

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Paris (1897-1904)

Whilst Sri Aurobindo’s main interests in the early stages of his development were literature, poetry, languages and history, for the Mother they were, no doubt, art and music. But these were to her forms of expression which led to something deeper or revealed something hidden within: the search for God and spiritual realization were her sole objective in all things.

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1.5 – 1.6 Physician and Patient

In a country like India we must encourage alternate systems whose healers were once deliberately marginalised by the British mainly for political purposes. It is time that we recovered our lost confidence and started a systematic exploration of some of the ancient systems and their merits and strengths.

48. Spiritual Greatness and the Supramental Yoga

Spiritual Greatness and the Supramental Yoga

There must be several great Yogis in India who are open to the Divine. If the Divine manifested in a human form in their own country, would they not know it? There is no reason why they should. Each has approached the Divine in his own way. He may not recognise if the Divine manifests Read More

47. Human Greatness

Human Greatness

What has outer greatness got to do with the Yogis? […]

Obviously outer greatness is not the aim of Yoga. But that is no reason why one should not recognise the part played by greatness in the order of the universe or the place of great men of action, great poets and artists etc. […] People have begun to try to prove that great men were not great, which is a very great mistake.