Upcoming Talks and Retreats

Here we try to reflect the schedule of approaching talks and retreats with Alok Pandey.
All talks are recorded and promptly posted at this web site in audio only, while video comes later.
Where available, we post a direct link to organisers, but you can direct any questions to us as well.

Savitri Study Camp February 2019
(Continuing Study)

Sri Aurobindo’s “Savitri”: Book 10 (continued)
Facilitator: Alok Pandey

Venue: Sri Aurobindo Society Beach Office

Dates: 22nd Feb to the 28th Feb 2019.

Timings: Two sessions every day as follows:

First Session: 5.15 to 6 PM
Second Session: 6.15 to 7 PM.
(There will be only one session on the days when dining room is early)