The Mother: The Prayer of the Cells in the Body

From The Mother’s Conversation with a Disciple on November 22, 1967:

At the end of the physical demonstration, all the children will pray in chorus, and the prayer has been written by me. I will read it to you. But I hadn’t thought about it: they asked me for it, and I wrote it.

They must have read the Bulletin, and then they asked me for a prayer – a prayer that would really be the body’s.
I answered:


Now that by the effect of the Grace we are slowly emerging out of inconscience and waking up to a conscious life, an ardent prayer rises in us for more light, more consciousness:

“O Supreme Lord of the Universe, we implore Thee, give us the strength and the beauty, the harmonious perfection needed to be Thy divine instruments upon earth.”


It’s almost a proclamation. There. So we’ll put it into French.

They will say it after their demonstration; it seems they are going to show the whole evolution of physical culture, and then, at the end, they will say, “We have not reached the end, we are at the beginning of something, and here is our prayer.”

I was very glad.

You said there is a progress?

A progress! It’s a tremendous progress! The thought had never occurred to them, never; taken as a whole, they had never thought of the transformation: their thought was to become the best athletes in the world and all the usual nonsense.

The body, you see, they’ve asked for a prayer of the BODY. They have finally understood that the body must begin to transform itself into something else. Previously, they were all full of the whole history of physical culture in every country, in which country it’s most developed, the use of the body as it is, and … and so on. Anyway, it was the Olympic ideal. Now, they have leaped beyond: that is the past, now they want the transformation.

You understand, people were asking to be divine in their mind and vital – that is, the whole ancient history of spirituality, the same old theme for centuries – but now, it’s the BODY. It’s the body that asks to participate. It’s certainly a progress.

Yes, but one can see how in the mind the aspiration sustains itself, how it lives by itself. In the heart too, one can see how the aspiration lives. But in the body? How can one awaken that aspiration in the body?

But good God! it’s fully awakened! It’s been for months in me! So it means they’ve felt it, they are feeling it.

How it’s done? – It’s being done.

But how can one in oneself …

No, no, no. If it has been done in one body, it can be done in all bodies.

Yes, but I ask how…. Yes, how?

Well, that’s what I have been trying to explain for months.

It’s, first of all, awakening the consciousness in the cells….

Well, yes!

Yes, but once it’s done it’s done: the consciousness keeps awakening more and more, the cells live consciously, aspire consciously. I have been trying to explain it, good Lord, for months! For months I have been trying to explain it. And so, that’s just what pleased me: it’s that they have at least understood the possibility of it.

The same consciousness which was the vital’s and the mind’s monopoly has become corporeal: the consciousness acts in the body’s cells.

The body’s cells grow into something conscious, entirely conscious.

A consciousness which is independent, absolutely independent of the vital consciousness or the mental consciousness: it’s a corporeal consciousness.


And this physical mind, which Sri Aurobindo said was an impossibility and something going round in circles which would do so forever, without consciousness, precisely, like a sort of machine, this physical mind has been converted, it has fallen silent, and in silence it has received inspiration from the Consciousness. And it has started praying again: the same prayers that were earlier in the mind.

I quite understand all that can take place in you, but…

But since it’s taking place in one body, it can take place in all bodies! I am not made of anything different from others. The difference is the consciousness, that’s all. It’s made of exactly the same thing, with the same elements, I eat the same things, and it was made in just the same way.

And it was as dull, as dark, as unconscious, as stubborn as all other bodies in the world.

It began when the doctors declared I was seriously ill, that was the beginning. [[The turning point of March 16, 1962, culminating on April 13, 1962: the great pulsations. ]] Because the entire body was emptied of its habits and forces, and then, slowly, slowly, the cells woke up to a new receptivity and opened directly to the divine Influence.

Every cell is vibrating.

Otherwise, it would be hopeless! If this matter, which began as … Even a stone is already an organization; it was certainly worse than a stone: the inert, absolute Inconscient. Then, little by little, little by little, it awakens. One can see it, you know, one sees it: one just has to open one’s eyes to see it. Well, the same thing is now taking place: for the animal to become a man, it didn’t take anything else than the infusion of a consciousness – a mental consciousness – and now, it’s the awakening of that consciousness which was there, deep down, in the very depths. The mind has withdrawn, the vital has withdrawn, everything has withdrawn; when I was supposedly ill, the mind had gone away, the vital had gone away, and the body was left to itself – purposely. And that’s why, it’s precisely because the vital and mind had gone that it looked like a very serious illness. And then, in the body left to itself, the cells little by little started awakening to the consciousness (gesture of a rising aspiration); once those two had gone, the consciousness which had been infused into the body THROUGH the vital (from the mind to the vital and from the vital to the body) started slowly, slowly emerging. It began with that burst of Love from all the way up, from the extreme, supreme altitude; then, little by little, little by little, it came down to the body. Then that sort of physical mind, that is, something totally and completely idiotic going round and round in circles, forever repeating the same thing over and over again, cleared up little by little and grew conscious, organized, then fell silent. And then in that silence, the aspiration expressed itself in prayers.


It’s a denial of all the spiritual assertions of the past: “If you want to live fully conscious of the divine life, leave your body – the body cannot follow.” Well, Sri Aurobindo came and said, “Not only can the body follow, but it can be the base that will manifest the Divine.”

The work remains to be done.

But now there is a certitude. The result is still very far – very far ahead, there is much to do before the crust, the outermost surface experience as it is, can manifest what takes place within (not “within” in the spiritual depths: within in the body). For it to be able to manifest what is within … That will come last, which is very good because if it came earlier, we would neglect the work; we would be so happy that we’d forget to complete the work. Everything must have been done within, everything must be fully and thoroughly changed, then the outside will express it.

But it’s all ONE SINGLE substance, the very same everywhere, which was unconscious everywhere; and so, the remarkable thing is that things are taking place AUTOMATICALLY (gesture of points scattered throughout the world), quite unexpected things here and there, even in people who don’t know anything.


These material cells had to gain the capacity to receive and manifest the consciousness; and what permits a radical transformation is that instead of an ascent which is so to speak eternal and indefinite, there is the appearance of a new type – a descent from above. The previous descent was a mental one, while this is what Sri Aurobindo calls a “supramental descent”; the impression is, a descent of the supreme Consciousness infusing itself into something capable of receiving and manifesting it. Then, out of that, once it has been thoroughly kneaded (there’s no knowing how much time it will take), a new form will be born, which will be the form Sri Aurobindo called supramental – it will be … anything, I don’t know what those beings will be called.

What will be their mode of expression? How will they make themselves understood and so on?… In man, it developed very slowly. Only, mind has done a lot of kneading and, after all, has made things move faster.

How will we get there?… There will certainly be stages in the manifestation with, perhaps, a specimen that will come and say, “Here is how it is.” (Mother looks in front of her) One can see that.

Only, when man emerged from the animal, there was no way to record – to note and record the process; now it’s quite different, so it will be more interesting.


But even at this moment in time, the vast majority – the vast majority – of human intellectuality is perfectly satisfied being busy with itself, satisfied with its little progress like this (Mother draws a microscopic circle). It doesn’t even, doesn’t even have a desire for something else!

Which means the advent of the superhuman being may well … it may very well go unnoticed, or not be understood. We can’t say, because there is no analogy; it’s obvious that if one of the apes, the large apes, had met the first man, he would just have felt there was a somewhat … strange being, that’s all. But now it’s different because man thinks, reasons….

But anything higher than him man has been used to thinking of as … divine beings; that is to say, bodiless beings, appearing in the light, anyway all the gods in human conception – but it’s not that at all!

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