Meeting The Mother – André Tardeil, Auroville

An inner story by the pioneers. Episode #8 with a late André Tardeil, founder of New Creation community and school, sharing his experiences with the Mother. Directed by Fred Cebron.


From Auroville News and Notes No 753, July 02, 2018:

In early morning of 27 June, our dear friend and brother, André Tardeil, founder and father of New Creation, left his body at his house in New Creation after an extended struggle with cancer. His wife Babu and daughters were with him. André had just turned 77.

Originally from France, André came with the Mother’s approval to Pondicherry in 1972, having worked with the Auroville Association in Paris for two years before that. Joining Auroville in ‘73, he and his soon to be Tamil wife Babu started a school in Fraternity, which in 1983 shifted to what is now the New Creation community. The couple’s main, and persistent, aim was that this place would be an alive and productive bridge between Auroville and Village; and the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of village youth that passed through New Creation testify to André’s great care, love and true concern for their general educational and economic well being and development.

Throughout the years, despite of hurdles and challenges, and supported by a network of friends and funders abroad, the complex steadily grew, containing several schools, vocational training-, gym- and boarding facilities, small industries, a village cooperative boutique, an eatery, residences and guesthouses and more. Most of these came in no small way about by the charismatic, persistent and passionate vision of its founder.

André’s dedication best speaks from his own words as posted in N&N last year:

“In fact we should be ready, to search, to fight, to keep faith in spite of all and to rediscover, now in this life, this enchanting smile, containing the secret of life… Difficult surely, but one day we will leave this world and all we did will not exist. Only will follow that second of true luminous Self; like a small light guiding us towards Eternity. “

We deeply thank and salute André for his unparalleled life work and vision. Our love and strength go out to Babu, Auma and Mirra and their families, and to the hundreds of ‘his children’ who will mourn and miss him.

André’s remains were laid to rest in Adventure’s burial ground in the late afternoon of the 28th of June, with family and many of his friends attending.

Jay MA~

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