Living in the Wideness and Freedom of the Divine (a talk in Hindi TH 011)

The fundamental truth given to mankind by our scriptures is that the divine is everything, “Sarva khalidam brahma”. The question arises that if Divine is everything, then what is our role, what is Wisdom? What is transformation? Here Sri Aurobindo tells us that, though essentially everything is Divine in its origin and manifestation, the divine manifests gradually in a progressive way in the manifestation. This is necessary and thereby leads to a hierarchy in Time and Space. Therefore we can understand Evil by knowing that it is either good in the passing or good in the making. When an earlier stage of evolution which had its justification begins to persist and stick on into the present, retarding the future, then this very same tendency becomes evil. This is especially so when things shift places and are not where they should be from an evolutionary perspective.

These profound thoughts can liberate us from our small circles of our thoughts and narrow feelings. Entering into a state of Wideness, we begin to be ready for living in the sense of the Eternal, in the Delight and Freedom of the Infinite.

Recorded in 2009.

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