June 04, 1914

A Recitation of selected Prayers and Meditations of The Mother (AUDIO)

O CONQUEROR of all obstacles, Thou wilt be in us the victory over all that would offer an impediment to the accomplishment of Thy divine law. Thou wilt dispel the darkness of ignorance and the black smoke of egoistic ill-will; Thou wilt dissolve the evil suggestions and fortify in us the pure and clear vision, the perspicacity which does not allow itself to be deceived by disintegrating thoughts and velleities of disorder.

O my sweet Master, Thy infinite love is the reality of our being, who can struggle against its omnipotent action? It penetrates all, passes through all obstacles, whether it is the inertia of a heavy ignorance or the resistance of an uncomprehending ill-will. O my sweet Master, through and by this love Thou shinest in all things, and this splendour, becoming more and more powerful, will actively radiate over the whole earth and become perceptible to every consciousness.

Who can resist Thy divine power? Thou art the sole and supreme Reality.

My being gathers itself in a mute adoration and everything disappears that is not Thou.

 [* Please note that here the text of 1948 edition is being recited, with minor deviations. It significantly differs from 1979 edition, published in Collected Works of the Mother, vol.1]

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