February 16, 1914

A Recitation of selected Prayers and Meditations of The Mother (AUDIO)

O SUPREME, sole Reality, true Consciousness, permanent Unity, sovereign repose of perfect light, with what intensity I aspire to be no more conscious of anything else than Thee, to be no more anything else than Thou. This incessant whirl of unreal personalities, this multiplicity,  this complexity, this excessive inextricable confusion of conflicting thoughts, struggling tendencies, battling desires, appears to me more and more woeful. We must emerge out of this sea in fury, land on the serenity of Thy peaceful shore. Give me the energy of an indefatigable swimmer.  I would conquer Thee, whatever may be the efforts necessary for that…O Lord, ignorance must be overthrown, illusion dispelled, and this sorrowful world must come out of its frightful nightmare, end its terrible dream, to awake at last to the consciousness of Thy sole Reality.

O immutable Peace, deliver men from ignorance, may Thy full and pure Light reign everywhere!


 [* Please note that here the text of 1948 edition (translated from original French by Rishabhchand) is being recited. It significantly differs from 1979 edition, published in Collected Works of the Mother, vol.1]



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