Divinity of Man

Thou art so high, so great, Mother, yet so near to me, so much my own! By Thy great love Thou hast awakened me to my own greatness. I am no worm of the earth, mean or low, but I am really a part of Thy divine self, Thy own child, Thy flesh and blood.

Let me no more forget my divinity, Mother; it is the forgetfulness of my real self that has been the cause of all my bondage and misery. We cling to the things of the earth, because we do not know our true glory and greatness, our true affinity to Thee, Mother. Henceforth, my sole aim will be to manifest my relation to Thee at every moment, in every detail of my life.

The consciousness that I am Thy child will enable me to reject everything impure or undivine, to conquer all lower desires and attachments, to rise above all the petty joys and sorrows of the earth; it will feed the flame of my aspiration towards infinite light and power and joy.

Thy great love will sustain me in that divine consciousness, Mother, and steadily raise me to Thy divine life.

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