Kapali Sastri - Prayers 1 (1-4)

Prayers by T.V. Kapali Sastri (part 1)

We are staring to post prayers, selected by M P Pandit from writings by T. V. Kapali Sastri, and available as Sanskrit original and its’ English translation. The first post contains four prayers out of total of fifteen.

My Friend and My Master - part 3

“My Friend and My Master” – Charu Chandra Dutt (pt 3)

The course of Sri Aurobindo’s life has undoubtedly been mysterious. He himself said in a letter that it has not been visible on the surface and therefore it has been beyond the ken of the ordinary man. Then again, he had always been, even in the days of his political activity, averse to pushing himself forward.

Balcony 1

“Balcony Darshan” – Krishna Prasad

The very atmosphere takes on the radiance of the divine beauty. The breeze plays a celestial music. The soul blossoms with a rapturous fragrance. The earth is gathered up into the heavenly vision. Truth alone rules and triumphs….

Interview with Nirod da

An Interview with Nirodbaran

“We have no fixed method. Whatever helps you to become concentrated and to go within — you follow that. The name of the Mother or Sri Aurobindo can also be helpful. Any work done as an offering to them is another way.”

Memories of a Happy Islam

“Memories of a Happy Islam” – Zackaria Moursi

The reason I have left Egypt to spend my remaining years in an ashram dedicated to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is that I find this ashram to be, for me, the most suitable place to deepen in and around myself that solid peace on which, in the long run, a divine life can be established on earth.

Ambu 2

Ambu, the Mother’s Baby (part 2)

If there is one lesson Ambu wanted me to learn, it is this: turn to the Divine and nowhere else. Do not run after money, power, sex, name and fame. Live for the Divine, live for the Mother, and all else will be given to you.