Memories of a Happy Islam

“Memories of a Happy Islam” – Zackaria Moursi

The reason I have left Egypt to spend my remaining years in an ashram dedicated to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother is that I find this ashram to be, for me, the most suitable place to deepen in and around myself that solid peace on which, in the long run, a divine life can be established on earth.

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The Current Hindu Upsurge in Sri Aurobindo’s Light

There is undoubtedly a Hindu upsurge in the country today. But whether we seize the tide at its flood and use it to bring about a spiritual renaissance or let it peter out into a mere religious revival – this will decide the future of this country. My aim in this paper is to see the whole phenomenon in a different light  — the light of Sri Aurobindo.

Spirituality and the Future of India - talks and articles cover n1

What is Spirituality?

Most people regard their body as their real being. They are most of the time preoccupied with the problems of feeding it, keeping it healthy and comfortable and trying to preserve its looks as long as possible. The outer form of man is deceptive because it hides everything else about him.

Ambu 2

Ambu, the Mother’s Baby (part 2)

If there is one lesson Ambu wanted me to learn, it is this: turn to the Divine and nowhere else. Do not run after money, power, sex, name and fame. Live for the Divine, live for the Mother, and all else will be given to you.

A Magnificent Heavenly

A Magnificent Heavenly Darshan in Matrimandir – Champaklal

As soon as I stepped in, She saturated me. I entered an altogether different world. I had to struggle to keep my eyes open. Ultimately they got closed. The whole of Matrimandir seemed to be rolling from side to side. So I opened my eyes and saw that Matrimandir was steady, but again as I shut them, Matrimandir appeared to be tossing and turning like before.

He is Here cover

‘He is Here’ (Nirodbaran)

“I shall leave my dreams in their argent air,
For in a raiment of gold and blue
There shall move on the earth embodied and fair
The living truth of you.”