The Fallen Angel, pp. 121-122

Life is a power of the Divine, born of His Consciousness-Force who is filled with the breath of His infinity. But here she labours in Ignorance forfeiting her divinity. This is her curse and her ordeal.

The Labour of Life, p. 121

Life has descended from its high peaks so as to create and build here the Beauty and Truth and Power and Delight of the Spirit. This is her labour and also the cause of her suffering.

The Inner Truth and the Origin of Life, pp. 120-121

The vision of Life in its totality comes closer to Aswapati as he ascends through the hierarchy of the ladder of Consciousness. At first we have distant glimpses, few and far in-between. Later they are more frequent and the truth that is glimpsed from afar comes closer and nearer.

The Lost World-Rapture, pp. 118-119

What has been described so far is of course not the whole picture. Life, in its origin, is Divine and is born from the Bliss that built the worlds for housing God’s joy. We see here an overview from afar of these Life-Heavens.

The Misery and the Saga of Life, pp. 117-118

Behind the restless urge of life there is indeed a seeking, a seeking which cannot be satisfied until the very Highest, the Absolute, the Perfect, the Ultimate is reached and realized. This is the real cause of its misery and unhappiness.

The Limited World of Beautiful Forms, pp. 114-115

The subtle physical world is nearest to us, just a step round the boundaries of the gross material universe. It is a fine and beautiful world, perfect within limits. It is still a world of Ignorance with fine boundaries that limit the soul’s further advance.

A Limited Perfection of Form, pp. 113-114

The subtle physical world is a world where there is stress on beauty of form. Sri Aurobindo contrasts this the limited perfection with our own world where everything must evolve and hence create the sense of labour and struggle. This is in fact a Blessing since thus alone can the total Perfection of the Divine manifest Itself.

The Logic of Evolution, pp. 112-113

Because all creation is interconnected and linked to the One, there is not only an interdependence but also a mutual drawing up of all things towards the Divine. But this process is graded as we are influenced by higher and higher levels of consciousness.

The Vast Oneness of Creation, pp. 110-112

Sri Aurobindo reminds us that there are greater and diviner possibilities concealed in the high peaks of Nature; a higher Nature beyond our limited lower Nature that the earth dreams to embody here. That is the original plan that the Divine Will intends upon earth and in man.