The Play of Purusha and Prakriti, Soul and Nature (1-2) pp 61-63

The Soul and Nature are two poises of One Truth. Indeed Prakriti is the power of the Purusha. She builds for the soul the instruments needed for their play and gives the experiences necessary for the growth and fullness of the evolving soul in creation. This evolving soul is a portion of the Jivatma sent down into the bounds of Time and Space for the replicating the truth of Iswara and Shakti here, in the conditions of matter and earthly life.

The Two Who are One p 61

Having revealed to us the essential Unity of creation because of the One Divine Presence within it, Sri Aurobindo now reveals to us also the fundamental unity between the static and dynamic aspects of Creation, that is to say, between the Divine Reality behind it and the Divine Force that has gone into it.

The One Who Has Become the Many pp 60-61

Though creation appears to our senses as a number of separate objects hung in Space and connected through the play of Time, behind all its variations and multiplicity, there is the One. It is the One Reality that has become the Many. This is the great secret we are here to discover.

The Great Promise and the Hope pp 58-59

The Divine Grace is always with us through all the difficulties, struggle and pain that we encounter in our long evolutionary journey. It is there even when appearances and dark and we do not see it. This is the truth we must always hold within through all the long and difficult journey and the dark passages of life.

The Realm of the Gods pp 57-58

In the passage that follows we have a description of the upper pole of the ladder, the stair where the great Gods reside, the Overmind world that borders on the Supermind. Sri Aurobindo describes the relation these great and luminous beings have with our world, the mysterious and ill-understood way of their working, their effect and influence upon our humanity.

Ignorance and Knowledge pp 55-57

Essentially the Mind is a dividing consciousness that by its very nature cannot arrive at an Integral Truth. It is only by removing the dense veil of Ignorance and discovering the Divine Truth hidden in our hearts that we can rediscover the lost Unity.

The Divine Promise of a Luminous Future p 55

The lines that follow give man supreme hope that whatever the appearances, the transformation is going to be. It is being prepared behind the veil and often the darkest hours are the one’s followed by the New Dawn that is bound to arrive.

The Immortal Gods pp 53-55

Instead of being bewildered by passing appearances that easily deceive we should rather tune ourselves to the inner Truth that is trying to manifest. Then we too shall share the wisdom of the gods and our actions leave a trail of light towards the future.

The Ignorant Vision of Man pp 52-53

Sri Aurobindo bids us to rise from our present state of Ignorance into the Light and Truth of an illimitable vast Consciousness. Until we do that we shall never really fathom the true cause and the inner reason that moves our destiny. And yet there is hope, and the passage closes with a glance into the Future that is bound to be splendid and meaningful.

The Yoga of the Earth pp 50-52

For Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the Earth is not just a piece of mud and clay but a conscious being, a soul, a goddess, which occupies a special place in creation since it is only upon Earth that there is found the psychic presence. That is why we see here upon Earth an impulse for evolution, which becomes in human beings an urge for conscious growth, conscious progress and ultimately an aspiration for yoga.

The Ignorant Mind’s View pp 49-50

Sri Aurobindo, like a Master Artist, contrasts the deeper view of a spiritual gaze with the superficial one that we are accustomed to. This is our human state as long as we remain subject to Ignorance, as long as our soul has not yet found its freedom.

Signals of Eternity pp 48-49

The Divine revelation takes a number of forms and proceeds along several lines of spiritual experience. Some of these are being described here, especially the various forms in which we come into contact with the inner Fire, the divinity within man.

The Chosen Human Vessel pp 47-48

This passage about a chosen human vessel should not be taken as if others are excluded. Chosen simply means that the time has come for this soul to realize the Divine or to become a conscious and willing instrument of the Divine Work.