The Great Descent pp. 80-81

Even as Aswapati continues his ascension further, he is greeted by an unexpected movement from Above. The Transcendent towards whom he is aspiring not only receives him but comes down and embraces him. It is the yoga of Supramental descent that begins to enter into the yoga of Ascension.

Towards the New and the Unknown p. 80

A new journey now begins for Aswapati. He aspires to go further where none has dared to visit while still in the flesh. He glimpsed the Splendours in the House of the Spirit from afar, but now he wants to come in direct contact with the sun itself and not through the rays.

An Unfinished Creation pp. 77-78

Sri Aurobindo is a spiritual realist. On the one hand he is fully aware of the present state of imperfection that we live in. On the other hand he is also aware of the deeper and higher possibilities. That is why his words always comfort and soothe, give us hope and courage.

A New Possibility for the Earth pp. 76-77

Why cannot the human body, this house of clay, be illumined with the Divine Light that dwells within us? Such is the aspiration that Aswapati implants upon earth. He aspires to bring down the greater world, the Glory he has glimpsed, here upon earth.

The Law of Truth pp. 74-76

We see here Sri Aurobindo laying down the foundations of the Supramental Yoga that grants to the seeking soul the grand reconciliation between God and World, Soul and Nature, Spirit and Matter.

Opening Remarks for Book One Canto V

The Seer-Yogi Aswapati now experiences a sudden turn in his yoga, which marks a departure from traditional yogas that aim mainly for liberation. The process also is a new and different one, a descent of the Power of the Spirit, as the Divine Shakti takes charge of the yoga.

Book One Canto 4 Summary

Aswapati seeks and discovers the Master plan of this universe, its occult cause and moving force, the far-off goal towards which creation moves. This knowledge is secret because we cannot find it through the mind or the senses but can discover it through other faculties and powers which have now awakened in Aswapati.

The Sailor on the Flow of Time pp. 69-71

Sri Aurobindo compares the human soul to a sailor who sails through many lives and in the course of this journey discovers itself and the world. The world experiences are not just a means for the soul to discover itself but also a means for its self-fulfillment in the conditions of material existence.

The Journey of Life pp. 68-69

The great journey of life is the Purusha sailing through the fields of his experiences created by Nature. It is through this journey that he grows into his full stature. Sri Aurobindo gives us here the broad outline of this journey that the soul undertakes impelled by the currents and waves of nature.

Our Present State pp. 68

Ignorance too is a mask of the Divine that He wears upon Himself for the play of multiplicity. The individual soul must go through it, until, growing from depth to depth of its own being, it discovers that We are That and that our individual Self and the Universal Self are one.

The Master of Existence Dwells Within Us pp. 66-67

Until the transformation takes place, human life will remain imperfect, beset with riddles, struggling on its road in the fields of Death. But with God and His transforming Touch, all can become beautiful and wonderful, as life should be, is meant to be, and must one day become. Thus we see the essential unity of the Lord and His Shakti as well as of the Creator and His Creation. This is the fundamental basis of transformation. Since the Divine has become this creation, therefore this creation must also become divine.