A Slow Evolution, pp. 145-146

We see a slow progression in the animal world, creation moving slowly through millenniums for one small step. It is a crude start and yet one that prepares for the next evolutionary step.

A Titanic Race, pp. 144-145

In early humanity, the soul was just a little spark buried deep within dense rings of Matter. Such a humanity was more like the titans whose memory is preserved through myths and legends. These intermediary species paved the way for the coming of modern man that is a little farther than an animal even though its body is still of an animal make.

A Primitive Humanity, pp. 143-144

Sri Aurobindo describes this primitive humanity that still continues to exist and yet goes unrecognised since it has learnt to hide itself in the garb of dress and a group behaviours that only ensure and strengthen its survival rather than any deeper search.

The Animal Experiment, pp. 142-143

Sri Aurobindo draws here a parallel between the animal life and the life of primitive humanity that is driven largely by animal impulses. It is a life driven by external stimulus and instinctive impulse. Self-reflection, self-knowledge, self-awareness are not yet there.

The Divine Strategy, pp. 140-141

There is a purpose in this slow and random start. There is a reason why the soul is perennially tied to creation and its fate. It is not an accident but a choice, not a purposeless game but a conscious Will that has gone into creation.

The Emergence of Life, pp. 139-140

Life emerges with difficulty in matter. Its evolution has been led by desire which is a construct of ignorance. This must change into a conscious aspiration for the True and the Eternal, for then only can life find the infinite Bliss that it is really seeking for.

A Settled Anarchy, p. 137

Sri Aurobindo reveals to us vividly the early beginnings of life, the birth or rather the evolution of sense contacts, instincts, the seemingly unconscious will to live and survive in a beautiful, enigmatic, dangerous world.

The Struggle of Life, pp. 136-137

The real struggle of life is not the struggle for survival or competing with other forms but rather, the struggle against the Inconscient resistance that deforms and denies. This is also the root of suffering that life experiences in bird and beast and man.

The Deformation, pp. 135-136

The dark deforming power that opposes the Divine plan takes hold of the force of life in its beginnings upon earth and twists it into something dark and even ugly.

The Birth of Life, p. 135

Life emerges out of matter as if out of some dark obscure cave. Thus begins the slow ascension of life towards her divine home. In the process she carries matter transforming it into shapes and forms closer and closer to the divine Idea.

The Ascent and Journey of Life, pp. 134-135

Life starts its journey through many pathways of ignorance, aided by its own instinct towards Truth and Freedom and Bliss. Now helped by the gods, now struggling alone she drives upon the pathways carved for her by Fate.