9.3 An Integral Model of Health – Social Health and Man Management

“All illness is essentially an outer reflection of an inner disequilibrium. The contact with the outer world can be the catalytic agent inducing an inner disequilibrium. […] we need to learn to listen to the ‘still small voice’ that gently guides us from the silent depths of our heart. It is through this deeper truth that we have to learn to relate our self with the world.”

9.2 An Integral Model of Health – Physical and Psychological Self-Culture

“To discover health one has to discover its source. Opening of the mind and body and life to the psychic influence is the most important key to an ascending state of perfection that would eventually lead man beyond the frontiers of our present possibilities to a complete freedom and a total immunity from all illnesses, accidents, poisoning and eventually even death.”

9.1 A Programme for Health – Health Management

“The body has a consciousness of its own — the body consciousness. We have to awaken this latent body consciousness because, despite the body’s capacity, something limits and hinders and things go wrong. Here arises the need for preparing the body and opening it to higher energies. ”