6.3 Stress Management – A Different Approach

“Often the shock of painful external events wakes us to a deeper inner life. All stress, therefore, also has an evolutionary perspective. It comes to liberate us out of the bounds of narrowness to wideness….. The more rigid and resistant we are to change, the greater the stress.”

6.2 Facing Stress — The Ordinary Way and the Spiritual Way

“The spiritual method… uses ‘brain stilling’ rather than ‘brain storming’. Faced with a problem or difficulty, the spiritual man does not rush to collect all available data and strategies. He rather remains quiet and still, very still and attuning himself to a deeper truth within, he waits to receive the inner guidance, the subtle indication from his own higher consciousness.”

6.1 Stress – Helps or Kills?

“…what appears as a crisis and a challenge at the biological level is a pressure for liberation and transformation at the deepest psychological level. All that resists this transformative pressure of evolutionary change — fear, suspicion, greed, desire — leads to disease, disorder and eventually death. All that responds to the evolutionary urge — plasticity, love, faith, courage — grows and develops into a higher perfection.”