3.4 The Mind of Matter

“… power of knowledge, once acquired, …illumines … not just the thinker but the seer beyond the thinker. Finally, it passes into that sheer shadow-less truth where each particle is held in harmony with all on the breast of oneness like the billion rays of light are held in the sun. That is the origin of our individual and cosmic existence.”

3.3 The Unresolved Riddle Called Life

“…There are worlds and forces, energies and substance beyond our material world. There are modes of perception and knowing that are more direct and essential than that of sense observation and deductive analysis. In fact our mind fails to perceive and register a whole range of phenomena that can greatly enhance our understanding. Faith and suggestion work both ways …”

3.2 The Microcosm Called Man

The superconscient evolution is indeed the future of humanity. The pressure of the superconscient is beginning to reshape our material life. The superconscient force has entered into the subconscient life, throwing up its mud and mire as a necessary and inevitable cleansing process. The result may be an initial confusion, a loss of old systems…the breaking of the past, the youth unrest, the women empowerment movement, globalization, the cry for individuality and freedom, breaking of fixed norms… are some of the effects of the pressure of the emerging superconscient in us.

3.1 A Consciousness-based Approach

The healer has a threefold task…. to understand the truth and level of inner dislocation from the outer illness, ….. to induce faith and assist in opening the patient through the rickety and narrow wicket gate of illness to the higher and deeper forces of health and healing, and …. most importantly, he cannot accomplish the first two tasks unless he himself is open and progressing towards deeper and higher zones of consciousness.